FEATURING the World's Most Realistic Swimming Mermaids

Sheroes Entertainment is a boutique Hollywood, California event services provider of custom character-driven party entertainment, once in a lifetime thematic day trip skills adventures, enchanting aquarium special events, and guest-centric hotel industry experiences.

Our clients include past presidents, foreign royalty, Hollywood film and TV studios, international publications, product brands, and families just like yours who value creating memories together to cherish for a lifetime.

We delight in bringing dreams to life for people and businesses who care about safety, charisma, quality, and style.

Available Internationally.

 The professional mermaids who literally wrote the book on the topic! Buy it online at  Amazon.com  or at  Barnes & Noble !

The professional mermaids who literally wrote the book on the topic! Buy it online at Amazon.com or at Barnes & Noble!

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See our performers in action! The CYBEX by Jeremy Scott Cherubs Launch Party in LA was exceptionally fun and featured our mermaids, pirates, fairies, princesses, fortune tellers, and medieval herald trumpets.

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ADDITIONAL Party Services

Sheroes Entertainment, LLC specializes in providing engaging, tasteful, non-commercial party and event performances with charismatic service to create an unforgettable experience that will have your guests talking about for years to come. Our elite Hollywood staff of fully insured professional mermaids, performers, photographers, stunt coordinators, costumers, and artists blend high-fashion couture costuming with otherworldly grace, poise, skill, and beauty in our aquatic and land performances throughout the world.

From dynamic aquarium and high-energy theme park shows to stylish trade show and product launch parties, precision underwater Hollywood movie set and water safety work, adorable first birthdays, unique wedding engagement proposals, discrete commercial talent training, enthralling adventure dates and more, we welcome you to dive in to extraordinary realm of imagination and create the adventure that you have always yearned for. Please call us at (805) 328-4911 and let your adventure begin.

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