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Welcome to Sheroes - the place where modern day heroes make dreams come true.

Sheroes Entertainment LLC is a woman-owned mermaid & event entertainment company that specializes in providing stunning experiential and themed character parties and one-of-a-kind shows for children and adults. While already internationally famous for our film-quality real swimming mermaids, mesmerizing underwater photography, Los Angeles radius local underwater film production services, and "fintastic" Los Angeles Mermaid School, we're also changing the world with our ground-breaking approach to providing eco-conscious entertainment options, setting the new gold standard in the party industry for lifeguard and water safety team training, and encouraging the development of artistic creativity to bring extraordinary performers to all ages. 

At Sheroes Entertainment LLC we understand that celebrations in life are important. We take a personal, collaborative, approach to our event work to provide you with a fleet of experienced and kind consultants, an enthusiastic team of coaches, and, more importantly, collaborators on your dreams from a group of professionals that care about them just as much as you do.

Would you like to meet us? You can get started by clicking on the character images below to view their parties, emailing us, or calling us at (805) 328-4911 to make your own wishes come true.

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Sheroes Entertainment LLC is the world's leading professional mermaid party company, pirate pool party, and adventure party provider. We are a Los Angeles, California - based mermaid pool party entertainment company that specializes in providing elegant, non-commercial, family-friendly wedding and mermaid party characters, pirate and mermaid resort entertainment, and pirate and mermaid yacht club performances to both public and private clientele.

We are delighted to serve our international entertainment clients as well as families and event planners in areas such as Southern California / Los Angeles - Long Beach, Northern California / Sacramento,  Nevada / Reno, Blackrock City, & Las Vegas.

Do you recognize us? It's quite possible! Was it while enchanting the European royalty and couture designers of Paris Fashion Week in Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte's own palace, Château de Fontainebleau, rocking our mermaid tails on MTV or VH1, surprising yacht owners while swimming by on Santa Catalina Island with The Avalon Mermaids, bringing mermaid fantasy to meet high fashion at internationally acclaimed Myth Masque or The Labyrinth of Jareth, or perhaps even in one of our books or magazines such as The Mermaid Project by underwater photography legend Brenda Stumpf?

(c) Brenda Stumpf

(c) Brenda Stumpf

It's ok if you can't remember where you saw Sheroes Entertainment or if you're a brand-new fan! It's our pleasure to show you why we have earned our place as the global leaders in the mermaid pool party, archery adventure party, and maritime and beach wedding events industries. We take pride in our groundbreaking training, safety, and employee screening policies and are delighted to be the leading referral and mermaid casting resource to the Hollywood movie industry for pool party acts, underwater stunts, and underwater models such as America's Got Talent and The Guinness Book of World Records.

(c) Alloy Images

(c) Alloy Images

We'll let you in on a secret though - you've probably seen of our tailless performers too! While internationally renowned for our real swimming mermaids at pool parties, we also offer additional children's birthday party themes such as our USA Archery sanctioned and insured archery parties, swashbuckling pirates, real knights in armor, dragons, ethereal unicorns, storybook princesses, classic fairytale characters, balloon twisters, face painters, glitter tattoo artists, space characters, clowns, elves, and our industrious Fairy Godmother Society - clever costuming fairies with a decidedly "damsels NOT in distress" twist!

Dive with us, dream with us, welcome to our world!

(c) Brenda Stumpf

(c) Brenda Stumpf