Beach & Yacht Weddings: Be Married By the Sea

(c) Cheryl Walsh,  Pirate John  and  Catalina Mermaid

(c) Cheryl Walsh, Pirate John and Catalina Mermaid

Make your proposal or wedding special with Sheroes Entertainment LLC. Some of our beach wedding services are:

Wedding Engagement Surprises

If your future fiancée loves mermaids we'd love to help you! We have assisted countless grooms in planning a surprise encounter for delivering their loved ones' future wedding ring. All wedding engagement surprises are meticulously planned and timed to ensure that the day you ask your beloved to become a part of your world is his or her dream come true.

Wreck the Dress Photos

Dive in to your new life with our "wreck the dress" underwater photo sessions. Truly spectacular for destination weddings, our team works with you before your shoot to help teach you about underwater modeling, how to swim with props or volume-based costumes, and prepare you to take the shot of your life!

Wedding Children's Entertainment

Your friends mean the world to you but sometimes arranging for childcare can be an issue... so don't worry about it. Bring the kids and make them a fun part of your life-changing event.

Our mermaids and characters can help to make your wedding family friendly while still maintaining the elegance that you daydream about. With meet and greet photo opportunities, sparkling glitter body art services, stories, and quiet-time games our enchanting children's performers can be on hand to entertain the little ones while you and your other friends and family dance the day away!

(c) John Paulsen,  Mermaid Vanessa  and  Catalina Mermaid

(c) John Paulsen, Mermaid Vanessa and Catalina Mermaid

(c) Brenda Stumpf