Additional Information About Training to be a Mermaid or Merman

Frequently Asked Questions that Apply to mermaid and Merman Positions

  • What is the audition process like?

    Having the best team starts with having the very best people. Our progressive audition and screening process consists of the following invite-only steps designed to give applicants real skills and see if "mermaiding" is for them. We gradually reduce the number of participants in each step as people drop out of the process, display poor attitudes/performance, and/or do not show up to all activities to ensure that at the end of the process we are confident that we have the very best new members to join our world-famous team.

    • AUDITION PHASE (unpaid)
      • One live on camera audition (1 hour)

      • One swimming callback audition (1.5 hours)

      • One behavioral interview / hands-on learning session (2 hours)

      • Job shadowing (2-6 hours spread over one month)

    • FINTERN PHASE (unpaid, typically one full three day weekend plus three additional Sunday mornings)

    • MERMAID IN TRAINING PHASE (paid when performing only at paid events unless otherwise specified)

      • A nine month probationary period where new mermaids continue to work on their water and performance skills through dedicated our once a month free water and land-based skills practices to continue developing their skills and asking questions as they learn.

      • During this time the MIT starts to get "worked in" to paid party performance work such as community events, birthday parties, public appearances, and meet and greet jobs as their skills are noted as "performance ready..." the faster a person displays that they are ready to work and have mastered the basic Fintern skills, the faster they are able to be staffed.

      • During the MIT phase we specifically work with new mermaids to develop their mermaid persona, photo portfolio, swim technique, and on camera skills to prepare them for larger clients and news broadcasts.

      • During the MIT phase if a Mermaid In Training has not met practice attendance quotas, received an excess of negative feedback from clients, displayed a lack of responsibility, caused internal company drama, or has displayed lack of character and/or ethics she is removed from the program and is ineligible to become a full company member. 

    • PROFESSIONAL MERMAID PHASE (paid when at events unless otherwise specified for charity work)

      • Exceptional people who pass our audition and training phases are offered spots in our company as Corps Level professional mermaids - the highest ranking in the mermaid industry. These outstanding individuals represent the best in the water industry and enjoy the following perks:

        • Assignment to a company-owned custom silicone mermaid tail, performance kit, and accessories for Sheroes Entertainment, LLC projects.

        • Priority staffing on paid work opportunities based on seniority, casting relevance, and skills.

        • Submission for TV, news, radio, and magazine projects.

        • Priority staffing on celebrity, high profile, and red carpet events.

        • Casting consideration for aquarium and public shows.

        • Casting consideration for international and destination travel projects.

        • Ongoing access "Finservice" land and water monthly team-based training on the first Sunday of each month from 8AM-Noon.

        • Additional ongoing invite-only free specialty training and certification opportunities such as SCUBA, freediving, underwater dance, personal makeup consultation, underwater modeling, and ocean education field trips is extended to this incredible group of people along with access to additional company resources and materials.

  • How often do mermaids work?

Working as a mermaid is a part time, on call, job based on client reservation volume. On average, mermaid parties last 1-4 hours with mermaids being assigned to clients based on skill match to party need and closeness to location. In the summer most of our mermaids work 2-12 events per month based on location and skill set.

The bulk of our work is at weekend mermaid pool parties with children and/or families on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. IF YOU CANNOT BE AVAILABLE ON WEEKENDS AND ARE NOT WILLING TO DECLINE PLANS FROM FRIENDS, FAMILY, ETC. ON WEEKENDS TO WORK FOR US THEN THIS IS NOT THE JOB FOR YOU.

During the October - April time frame we offer the opportunity to our top performers to remain on cast for "Winter Season" where we trade our tails for legs and travel to clients on specialty work as land-based characters for events and film projects before returning to the water for parties in Spring.

  • What do you do at an event?

We're known for leading very active, high energy, children's pool parties with the majority of our time spent working in water. Our mermaids team with an American Red Cross certified lifeguard to help make sure that everything is fun and safe at events. The designated deck-level lifeguard helps the mermaid with her entrance / exit and assists in pool supervision for the remaining time. During party time the mermaid leads one or more hours of splash-tacular interactive pool games and ocean educational work. After the party the mermaid is responsible for reporting in to headquarters with a debrief, doing tail care and properly cleaning, drying, and storing their company-owned equipment to be ready for their next event.

  • What are my chances of working for you?

It depends on you. Out of over 500 mermaid applicants in 2017 we hired 1 new mermaid.  It's extremely important for you to make sure that your water, personality, and performance skills are top-notch to stand out and that you meet the criteria before applying.

  • Is there anything I can do to increase my chances of being selected?

    • Yes:
      • Read and follow the directions on the application form and make sure that it's complete
      • Confirm that you meet the requirements for this job and, if you don't, fix that before you apply
      • Make your application stand out in an engaging, rated-G way
      • Do your homework and check out our website to understand the kind of company we are and the things that we do so that you can be prepared to know what you can contribute to our team.
      • Bump up any swimming, water safety, child care, or acting skills that you have before applying. People with competitive swim team, prior lifeguard experience, competitive synchronized swimming backgrounds, and current, valid SCUBA certifications are immediately flagged for a priority review during casting calls.
      • Attend all casting calls / auditions / trainings if are invited to them - people who don't show up are removed from the program.
      • Consider attending one of our LA Mermaid School classes if you are interested in becoming a professional mermaid with Sheroes Entertainment, LLC as we "scout" in those classes for new talent. Please view its site at
  • I left you a voicemail / I sent you an application, why didn't you call me?

Thanks for following up but our phone is for client use only. We only accept online applications for new employee considerations and only reach out to those individuals that we would like to clarify information with or push in to another review / round of consideration.

  • I don't like kids. Can't you just hire me for modeling work or with adults?


  • How much do your professional mermaid characters make?

    It depends on the event and what people are doing. We give professional mermaids a good base wage on paid performances plus gas reimbursement and extra money for travel time (minimum wage), makeup/appearance prep pay (minimum wage), and waiting time at sites too (minimum wage for waits 30 minutes or longer only). As our clients tend to tip well our mermaids typically receive around $55- $115 when everything is all added up... or about 5-10x more than a character actor makes at Disneyland. Did we mention that we provide the $3,500 tails and wardrobe combinations for our people too when working on our jobs? Yeah, that's pretty mer-mazing.

Outside of the immediate party money, we cover between $350-$3,500 in internal training / ongoing internal education expenses annually to each employee to develop and maintain their professional skills based on job segment, offer self-paced online learning courses to help staff to increase their marketability, cover general liability insurance and worker's comp insurance on our employees at our events to make sure that they can get help if they ever need it, coordinate stunning photography shoots to our mermaids at no cost to them, offer neat invite-only company day trips, parties, and ongoing educational opportunities, and take care of all the paperwork and other details so that our mermaids can completely focus on performing to be their absolute best.

  • Is there opportunity for other work at your company?

    Mermaids are cross trained and work as lifeguards, balloon twisters, land games leads and glitter body artists at a bare minimum. Please note that different jobs have different pay rates.

  • Will I get to travel?

    Possibly! We've sent mermaids to Hawaii, Roatan, Mexico, France, the Channel Islands, the Caribbean, and Canada to name a few.