Dream job: attained!

Dream job: attained!

Unicorn Wrangler / Horse Wrangler Job (Ventura County)

We are currently looking for amazing part-time on-call unicorn wranglers (e.g. horse show grooms with people skills and a sense of whimsy) to join our team for children's parties, weddings, and other themed events.


Local hires within 10 miles of Simi Valley, California only. Relocation is not available. Work locations range from San Luis Obispo to San Diego, CA. Wranglers are only expected to drive to Simi Valley in order to meet the rig and unicorn for dispatch from there.


Pay starts at $20/hour for on site event performance time working with guests. Minimum wage rates apply for prep and travel time.


This is a part-time, on-call, job based on party booking volume. Average hours are 3-6 hours of prep / travel time and 1-3 hours of onsite work with guests per event date. 95% of our event work is done on weekends.

What does this job do?

A unicorn wrangler is the magical person who works with our main office to clean, prep, and work with our unicorns behind the scenes to make them photo ready for birthday parties, weddings, and events. The standard aspects of barn chores apply to this job such as helping to fill a hay bag for travel, loading / unloading supplies in a truck or horse trailer, grooming, picking hooves, and loading / unloading the unicorn in a trailer.

Once at a location the unicorn wrangler helps the unicorn team lead to check in with clients, prepare the unicorn to look its best for its appearance (e.g. tacking, costuming, braiding, applying glitter / flowers / ribbons, whatnot), tacking / bridling, setting up basic props / backdrops, and then working with guests for safety boundaries (e.g. keeping people out of kick zones), assisting guests in getting on and off of the unicorn, and helping to lead the unicorn safely for rides and photos.

This is a horse job with a fantastical aspect - stunning costumes and original characters! Unicorn wranglers frequently wear costumes such as medieval or renaissance, knight, Halloween character, princess / prince, fairy, elf, formal, or Western based on client party theme and are expected to stay in their applicable character based on the party's theme while working with guests. Our team often learns child-friendly original stories and facts to talk to people about the unicorn and answer all of the unique questions that children have such as "do unicorns really poop gold?" and "how did the unicorn get here?"

Unicorn Wrangler Job REQUIREMENTS

  • Have a clean driving record with valid driver's license and proof of insurance
  • Possess reliable transportation to get to/from Simi Valley barn location to meet up with the truck and trailer
  • Be fluent in English
  • Be a US Citizen
  • Have experience working with children between the ages of ages 3-10
  • Have high levels of enthusiasm and energy for work with a positive "can do" attitude for problem solving
  • Have a clear criminal background
  • Have three excellent horse-based experience or child care related references
  • Possess a SafeSport certification OR have proof of the California Child Care Workers: Mandated Reporter Training course completion
  • Have consistent weekend availability - primarily Friday evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays
  • Be readily accessible via email and phone
  • Be 18 or older and authorized to work in the USA
  • Be able to physically lift and carry up to 50 pounds.
  • Already possess the following job skills:
    • Public speaking / ability to command attention politely and with humor in a party group situation
    • Line management
    • Safety / kick zone awareness
    • Braiding of mane / tail and adding costume parts
    • How to lunge a horse
    • How to put on and remove shipping boots
    • How to catch and halter a horse
    • How to muck / pick up manure and keep a stall and work area tidy
    • How to bridle and saddle a horse (both English and Western)
    • How to lead a horse and tie it safely with a quick release knot
    • How to clean and store tack
    • How to clip, wash, groom, fly spray, apply hoof polish, and pick hooves
    • How to load and unload a horse from a trailer
    • How to lead a horse while it is carrying a rider
    • How to hand feed a horse and feed it from a safely tied hay net both in and out of a trailer
    • How to explain to a child or beginning rider how to sit on a horse, hold reins, and give basic cues at a walk to turn, walk, and stop.
    • Autonomous, very good organisation skills and ability to work under pressure
    • Possessing a sense of authority while balancing it with a sense of humor
    • Being comfortable to answer to emergency situations and adapting to them
    • Being a team player
    • Trailer connecting, driving, parking, and disconnecting experience is ideal but not required

Unicorn Wrangler Job Application

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Do you have any current or planned conflicts of interest such as: working for another party or entertainment company, planning to start your own event company, being frequently on call to any other weekend job, or having your own party or animal entertainment company.

Photo courtesy of Maddie Isaacs