Variety Artist & Act Talent Application

Have a specialty act? Want to be considered for our staffing database for possible event work? Here is the place to do it!

We primarily look for talent located near:

  • Los Angeles

  • Napa Valley

  • New York City

  • Orange County, California

  • Palm Springs

  • San Diego

  • San Francisco

If you want to apply as a professional mermaid, merman, children’s entertainer, or lifeguard do NOT use this form. Please CLICK HERE to go to their main hiring page instead as those applications are handled by a special team.

Please note that:

  • Once you submit an application we don’t follow up unless we think we have a specific project that you would be good for.

  • Any photos or reels need to be logo free / not containing any personal contact information as that prevents us from sharing your information to potential clients.

  • If you are applying here you need to have your own performer’s insurance through a company like Specialty Insurance Agency, The International Brotherhood of Magicians, or similar.

  • You need to have an actual choreographed or scripted act… we don’t hire generic roaming or atmospheric characters as we already have those in house.

  • When you click the button below you will be asked to fill out the form in Google Forms from a new window.