Face Painting Lessons

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Face Painting Lessons

from 55.00

Learn the art of face painting to hone your craft as a children's performer or delight your children or their friends for your next church event or school carnival!

Each face painting lesson is 2 hours long, follows a progressive format, and is held in person in Simi Valley, California under the direct mentorship of one of our face painter company trainers.

You can pay in either weekly ($55 per lesson) or monthly blocks ($200 for a month) with one lesson per week.

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On average, 1-2 concepts / face paint designs can be covered in each face painting lesson. Lessons for face painters are built in a progressive format and move on to more advanced face painting designs as the student masters the previous techniques and concepts.

  • Brush Line Work: Teardrops, Stripes, Spots, Stars, and Rainbows
  • Blending with Brush and Sponge Work
  • Stencils: Cleaning, Using, and Storing
  • Color Theory
  • Hygiene & Space Set Up
  • Line Management & Child Behavior Tips
  • Deconstructing Custom Design Requests
  • Fanciful Favorites: Stars & Rainbow, Masks, Floral Designs
  • Domestic Animals: Kitty Cat, Puppy Dog
  • Wild Animals: Tiger, Cheetah, Snake, Shark, Dolphin, Butterfly
  • Art Inspired By Super Heroes: Ninja Turtle, Batman, Spider Man, Wonder Woman, PJ Masks, Miraculous Lady Bug
  • Fantasy: Dragons, Pirates, Mermaids, Unicorns, Princess
  • Halloween: Skulls, Sugar Skulls, Zombies, Witches, Spiders

Models / Guests

You are allowed to bring one model to practice face painting on, free of charge. Models are not allowed to practice hands-on with equipment or face painting painting techniques unless they pay to participate as a paid face paint student. If you bring a child as a model please know that they may not have an attention span suitable to last 2 hours long and must be supervised / next to you at all times. Only children 6+ in age are recommended if brought by a parent as a model. Please have your model bring a book or earphones to listen to music, etc.

Lab Materials

The following face painting kit materials are required to be purchased by the student to able to take lessons. Supplies can be purchased from online face painting supply vendors:

  • 1 Tackle Box or Other Carrying Case
  • Diamond FX White Face Paint (32g minimum)
  • Diamond FX Black Face Paint (32g minimum)
  • TAG 12 color face paint palette
  • 3/4" flat acrylic paint brush
  • #1, #4, and #6 acrylic round brushes
  • Small spray bottle
  • Snowflake (1036), stars (1030), and scales (1004) BAM stencils
  • 2 half round face paint sponges
  • Water cup
  • Wash cloth
  • Makeup remover wipes
  • 1 neon TAG split cake (3/4"-1" width size)
  • 1 rainbow TAG or Diamond FX split cake (3/4"-1" width size)
  • 1 each of the following Mehron Paradise Prisma Cakes: Cool, Hot
  • 1 50g TAG cake: Fairy Floss
  • 1 50g Diamond FX cake: Mega Melon
  • Cosmetic Grade Holographic Multi Color Glitter


To maximize your progress in this class we recommend practicing at least 30 minutes per day between lessons to develop muscle memory and speed applying the face painting designs.

Age Restrictions

Face Painting lessons are best suited for ages 8+.

Cancellation Policy

  • Any face painting lesson cancellations must be made 72 hours in advance to be eligible for use in the same week, subject to availability.
  • Any unused face painting lessons in a monthly pack are forfeit and no longer redeemable after the last day of the month.