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Mermaid School: Private Lessons

from 150.00

Our most popular option for families visiting on vacations and fin-omenal surprise dates! Up to three people swim for one total price!

If you have a larger group (up to 12 people) please click here to view our private party option.

For the serious mermaid or merman enthusiast who wants to make the absolute most progress for their available time! Private lessons are the perfect choice for actors who need to prepare for a role NOW or busy professionals who need the convenience of "at home" service for themselves or their families. In private mermaid lessons and private merman lessons you enjoy the privacy of your own location while working with one of our incredible Finstructors to specifically approach your own unique goals.

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Click Above to Watch Los Angeles Mermaid School Finstructor (Mermaid Coach) Catalina Mermaid Transform Two Adults In to Mermaid and Merman on LATV!


1 hour is recommended, you may request additional time if desired


Our Price list includes “no pool” and “with pool” options.

  • “No pool” means that you are having us travel to your own pool, with an extra $1/mile round trip travel fee payable in person to the instructor when they get there.

  • “With pool” means that we reserve pool lane space for our lesson with you at the Rancho Simi Community Pool located at 1765 Royal Ave, Simi Valley, CA 93065

Private tutoring sessions are held at YOUR pool, on set location, or condo etc. pool.

If you are want to have your lesson at the Rancho Simi Community Pool located at 1765 Royal Ave, Simi Valley, CA 93065 then please note the following lesson time frame options (only). Saturdays tend to be sold out months in advance. Times are subject to pool maintenance and availability schedules. The pool reserves the right to close its facility and require a reschedule in the event of emergency or equipment failure.

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  • Warm-up, Safety, & Overview

  • Mermaid / Merman Swim Technique & Swim Practice

  • Common Mermaid / Merman Tricks

  • Popular Mermaid / Merman Poses for Photos (you provide the camera)

  • Question & Answer Time

  • Photo Opportunities (you provide the camera)

  • Individuals scheduling multiple private lessons can add in additional advanced content to an individual lesson plan with their coaches.


Adults and children ages 5 and up.


All Southern California packages include the complimentary use of one fabric level mermaid training tail rental per student.

  • BASIC LESSON: $150 plus lane rental/parking fees (if applicable) for a 1 hour private or semi-private mermaid lesson or merman lesson for up to THREE people. That's right, you can split the cost of this lesson with your friends to have your very own private group lesson!

  • DELUXE LESSON: Add on only $55 more to our Basic Lesson cost to rent our consumer-grade underwater camera for the purpose of taking underwater progress video footage (taken by YOUR friend or helper) of you for use on your social media, to review for technique, to share with friends, etc. Available in the Ventura County and Los Angeles County, California areas.

  • "With Pool" options are $50 and indicate packages where you come to the Rancho Simi Community Pool for the pool's usage fee. Limit 3 people, additional on deck observers are $3/person.


Please note that pool rentals on this package are at a PUBLIC venue where we cannot restrict any person from taking any image, recording, or other documentation of you. Our staff's job is to teach you, not watch for cameras or intervene with other people's rights on enjoying a public space. If you are uncomfortable with the thought that someone that you do not know may take an image or recording of you and post it or something that mentions your name if they recognize you on their social media, etc. because they though that you were doing something awesome / unique /etc. then DO NOT choose to attend a public venue.


“With Video” options are for the rental of an consumer grade underwater camera that you can have a friend use to film you while learning.

The use of our underwater video camera may vary based on your helper's ability to stay still in the water. This helper is to be provided by YOU. Video quality varies based on water quality, amount of sunlight available, and ability of participants to follow direction. You are welcome to bring your own standard size SD card to record on. If you use our SD card then your unedited content will be sent to you electronically within 2 weeks of your lesson.


  • Pricing includes fabric rental tail(s) in Ventura County and Los Angeles County, California for ages 8+.

  • Please note that our fabric mermaid rental tails and merman rental tails are for larger children and adults and only fit ages 8+. If you have a child who wants to learn to be a mermaid or merman and is under 8 you would need to purchase your own mermaid tail separately from your mermaid lesson cost to fit them. You can buy mermaid tails from us for smaller children at .

  • Sacramento, CA region students must have their own monofins or tails that contain a monofin. You can buy your own fabric mermaid tail or merman tail by CLICKING HERE


Mermaid Trainer "Finstructors" are humans, they do not arrive in prosthetic tails. In order to demonstrate proper tail techniques they arrive as humans and teach in fabric training mermaid tails just like their students wear.

The intensity of this lesson is based on student ability. You MUST KNOW HOW TO SWIM WELL and without assistance to be able to do this lesson.

Yes, we can offer dispatch services for underwater film units for talent appearing as a merman or a mermaid on film. Please note that standard SAG-AFTRA rates apply for all union sets and that we will only send a Union Finstructor to a SAG-AFTRA set; call us at (805) 328-4911 to schedule.


Once you pay for your lesson one of our Finstructors will call you to schedule your lesson - please note that lessons occur on weeknights and are based on availability on weekends.


Currently enrolled and past students of LA Mermaid School mermaid classes, private lessons, workshops, and photo shoots are encouraged to stay in contact with other mermaid friends through our Mermaid Club. Please CLICK HERE to request access.