Professional Mermaid or Merman for Children (Experienced Hires)

Underwater Mermaid Show with Kids at Aquarium

Professional mermaids and mermen are our lead entertainers who are able to seamlessly juggle water safety, character-based acting, and intensive water play together in to a stellar, Disney-style, party entertainment service revolving around games, songs, education, safety, and imagination for ages 3+.

Mermaids and mermen who qualify for this role are automatically considered for Mermaid Model roles.

Sheroes Entertainment leads the world in the skill level and customer service demonstrated by each of its professional mermaid character entertainers and is the top ranked entertainment company for pool party safety, skill requirements, and staff member programs.

Our professional mermaids and mermen regularly work at A-list celebrity parties and for major studios such as CBS, MTV, Disney, Universal Studios, and Sony - being the “go to” company in Hollywood for exceptionally trained and professional water entertainment.

We accept applications from all religions, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identities, and people who have served in the armed forces.

Time Commitments

  • This is a part-time, on-call, job based on job volume demand from clients.

  • Most of our work is seasonal (summer), lasting from April to November each year for water-related events.

  • Most work occurs Friday nights between 6-10PM and weekends between 10AM-6PM. If you are not available to work at least 3/4 weekends a month between April - November then this is not the job for you.

  • Mermaids and mermen are assigned to parties based on their location, seniority, skills, and experience.

  • On average, mermaids work 4-8 parties a month based on their location, skill level, and seniority during the summer season. Mermen work less due to less of a market demand.

  • Professional mermaids and mermen at Sheroes Entertainment are expected to be available for lifeguard work when not staffed as a character to an event. If you are not comfortable being staffed as a lifeguard when not working as a mermaid then this is not the job for you.

  • Professional mermaids and mermen who are willing to play other land characters such as fairies, knights, pirates, or explorers are staffed before non-flexible performers who only want to work as mermaids for events.


On average, a children’s mermaid character makes around $100-135 USD before tips on a 1 hour party.

We have some nice hidden perks too - we cover general liability insurance and worker's comp insurance on our employees at our events to make sure that they can get help if they ever need it, offer neat invite-only company day trips, parties, and ongoing educational opportunities, and take care of all the paperwork and other details so that our people can completely focus on performing to be their absolute best.


We are hiring for people who physically live in one of the following locations only:

  • Ventura County, California Region (USA)

  • Los Angeles County, California (USA) (Between the 118 freeway and anything further South)

  • Orange County, California Region (USA)

  • San Diego, California Region (USA)


  • Be fluent in English (both writing and speaking).

  • Have experience leading children's parties or events for ages 3-10.

  • Have high levels of enthusiasm and energy for work.

  • Have a clear criminal background.

  • Have three excellent party, summer camp, nanny, youth group, teaching, or child work related references.

  • Possess reliable transportation and be willing to drive up to 1 hour each way to an event.

  • Have consistent weekend availability - primarily Friday evenings after 4PM and Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 10AM-6PM.

  • Be readily accessible via email and phone.

  • Be 18 or older and authorized to work in the USA.

  • Be able to lift and carry up to 45 pounds in a backpack or front-carry format.

  • Already possess the following job skills or have a Children’s Entertainer Certification:

    • Know how to apply makeup to yourself (women) for character roles such as princesses, fairies, etc.

    • Know how to apply a glitter tattoo (AKA glitter body art design) in 1.5 minutes or less.

    • Know how to apply aloe-vera based festival glitter to a face or arm in 1 minute or less.

    • Know how to lead the following games and be able to lead them: Simon Says, Red Light / Green Light, Charades, Freeze Tag, Duck, Duck, Goose, Telephone, Limbo, Colors, Sharks and Minnows, and Tag.

    • Know how to do the following balloon twisting designs (3 minute or less per design speed): flower, heart, sword, fairy wings, dog, butterfly wand, and candy cane.

    • Have the ability to head a five minute picture book story in character with vocal projection, audience control, and inflection changes while also using a simple one hand puppet.

    • Know at least 3 ocean themed children's songs and be able to teach them to group of children aged 3+

  • Have proof of (FREE) California Child Care Workers: Mandated Reporter Training Course completion.

Water-Specific Job Skills Requirements

  • Be a lifeguard with a current, valid, American Red Cross (ARC) Lifeguard certification. We only accept ARC certifications.

  • Be able to do the following things while wearing a mermaid tail costume: open eyes and maintain a pleasant facial expression under water, swim 200m, demonstrate neutral buoyancy control, dive to a depth of 15 ft to retrieve a diving ring, float on your back for 2 minutes, tread water for 2 minutes, swim under water, demonstrate bubble kisses under water, and be able to get in and out of a pool without assistance / groaning / complaining / struggling.


  • Not have any visible tattoos / ink or piercings on the upper half of the body OR have the ability and willingness to remove them / easily cover them with a costume or accessory for party work on your own time and expense if requested by a client.

  • Conform to ONE of the following wardrobe categories:

  • Be in the Southern California region and fit an existing company-owned silicone mermaid tail

    • Our regular size company tails typically fit a person between 5’4”-5’9” tall with a 20-28” waist, shoe sizes between women’s 6-10.

    • Our tall size company tails typically fit a person between 5’9”-6’ tall with a 26-32” waist, shoe sizes between women’s 9 and men’s 14.

  • OR Have your own silicone professional mermaid tail

    • Personal tail usage is subject to company approval based on condition and appearance.

If you Don’t Have Our Required Skills

  • You can get your lifeguard certification by signing up for a public class through the American Red Cross.

  • You can take a basic skills workshop from us for basic party skills.

  • You can attend (101 and 201 classes) for mermaid swimming skills.

  • You can buy basic supplies and take online learning / video tutorials for skills like glitter tattoos and balloon twisting.

  • You can volunteer with children’s organizations, day cares, or public libraries to learn things like games and story telling.

Experienced Hire Mermaid Job Application

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