Professional Merman Character Jobs

We are currently hiring for new merman performers in the Southern California (Los Angeles / Orange County) Regions

Our underwater characters are our flagship character performers - you've likely seen these performers gracing countless pages of magazines, teaching children at an aquarium, swimming on your favorite cable channel, or maybe even smiling in the candlelight of a enchanting evening party glittering with Hollywood elite.

Part fish, part man, part lifeguard, part host, and part model, it's a very special kind of person who has what it takes to be a Sheroes professional merman and represent the might and majesty of the oceans.


  • Meet the Following Logistics / Work Authorizations / Availability Requirements:
    • Be 18 or older
    • Be a US Citizen or have a current valid work visa authorizing you to work in the USA
    • Be fluent in English
    • Already be located in one of the above desired locations
    • Be readily accessible via phone and email contact
    • Have consistent weekend availability between 11AM-5PM May 1 -October 31... typically mermen work after 5PM.
    • Possess reliable transportation and be able to drive it up to one hour for work
  • Meet or Exceed the Following Skills Requirements:
  • Meet or Exceed the Following Physical Requirements:
    • Be able to swim underwater without swim aids for a distance of 25 yards without stopping
    • Be able to efficiently swim a 400 yard freestyle without the use of swim aids and using any stroke but the back stroke in less than 12 minutes without stopping.
    • Perform a 2 minute tread in water without using arms and without stopping.
    • Be able to swim while carrying a 10 pound weight 25 yards without stopping and without letting the weight go under water
    • Be physically and mentally fit to physically work continuously for two hours or more with minimal breaks.
    • Be physically able to lift and carry 50 pounds of weight.
    • Meet one of the following costume sizing criteria:
      • Shoe size 7-12, 28-34" hips, 22-32" waist, 5'4-6'0" tall OR own your own silicone performance-grade mermaid tail of the brand or quality of Merbella Studios or Finfolk Designs
    • Be in physically model-strong in look with a developed upper body / upper body and abdominal fitness -- our clients are specifically looking for an "Abercrombie" type look.
  • Meet or Exceed the Following Personality Traits:
    • Be reliable and easy to reach for work, e.g. a person who picks up the phone and does not flake or become difficult for costume fittings and pre-event coordination
    • Be comfortable playing to either a gay / LGBT or straight audience
    • Possess exemplary people skills
    • Have the ability to cheerfully engage an audience in a performance lasting an hour or more
    • Enjoy working in crowds and stressful situations with the ability to brainstorm new ideas and games quickly
    • Possess outgoing poise, charm, and confidence while maintaining character doing extemporaneous speaking

Professional Merman Job Application

Did you read all of the MERMAN job requirements above and agree that you meet them? *
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List any CURRENT Emergency First Responder, college, sports coaching, or water safety credentials here.
Please send us a short (less than 5 minutes) video link to somewhere like Vimeo or YouTube where you introduce yourself, talk about your background working with kids, and show a quick sample of you swimming in a pool or the ocean. Video should clearly show what you look like, what your personality is, and what skills you have.
Do you have any other skills you think would help you in this job?
Please list any additional web links to demo reels or relevant content to your application that you would like us to see here.
Do you have any current or planned conflicts of interest such as: starting or working for a mermaid/merman/monofin training program or exercise program, working for another mermaid/merman company or performance group that hires mermaids or mermen, having your own mermaid/merman or water work business, self promoting yourself for work as a merman or water performer, or owning/co-owning/working for any form of theatre, party, or event companies?