Merman Jacob

Merman Jacob is available for both children's and adult event.

Merman Jacob is available for both children's and adult event.

Shining as bright as a shooting star, Merman Jacob was born in the ocean by the Florida panhandle. As a mer-boy, he was adventurous, outgoing, and loved getting into mischief... until one day his mischief got the better of him!

One of his favorite pastimes is playing tag with dolphins. While chasing a dolphin he once swam so far away from his home that he got lost. He continued to swim and swim to try to get back home, but went the wrong way and eventually swam all the way to the beautiful shores of California. When he arrived he discovered that the accident was actually a lucky one, for in California he felt truly at home.

Being a new merman in California, he decided to make as many new friends as he could. He loved playing with all the local sea creatures and started to catch the attention of beach dwellers off of the Venice coastline where he'd race alongside the boats, jumping high out of the water, doing flips in the air, and putting on a show for them.

One day Merman Jacob saw an unusual poster for something called "Mermaid School." He swam over and gained a lot of attention from the other mermaids who invited him to stay and play. People soon started talking about him since he was always so happy and smiling and strong!

Merman Jacob has a great sense of humor and loves entertaining anyone that is willing to watch.  He even loves to go to parties, dance, play games, and entertain guests. While physically strong he always has a soft spot in his heart for children as a nanny and loves to teach all ages of people to celebrate their lives through dance and gymnastics.


  • Pure Barre Instructor - Named one of the top five barre instructors in Los Angeles!
  • Pilates Certified
  • Personal Trainer
  • Touring Dancer & Dance Choreographer
  • Gymnastics Coach
  • Fitness segments for The Doctors on FOX and PopSugar Fitness on YouTube

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