(c) John Paulsen

(c) John Paulsen


Los Angeles, CA USA

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Mermaid Splash was born in 1823 in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of a little place called Brooklyn, New York. When she was just a tadpole she would gaze for hours upon the island that nestled over her sea castle. The island had a few humans, and one day she overheard one say the island was going to be turned into an “amusement park”. The human also mentioned it would have the world’s first “rollercoaster.” She didn’t know what the humans were talking about but anything they wanted to do, she wanted to do too!

As she got older, she watched the humans put together big, shiny hunks of metal. It was like they were melting the pieces together! The humans were hard at work on building the most spectacular giants she had ever seen before.

Every day she watched as more and more humans came to the island. Eventually the humans put up a sign that said, “Welcome to Coney Island.” She decided it was time to stop watching from a distance and time to go on an adventure so she gathered her courage and swam to shore. When she came to the large, metal beasts, there was a big rotating circle with seats on it and train tracks built on tall ladders. It was all so new that she could barely contain her excitement

Mermaid Splash became so excited that her skin prickled and tiny bumps spread up and down her arms and she started to giggle, she was on an adventure on Coney Island! She flopped her way through the WHOLE park. She came to a stand that read “Cotton Candy” and picked up a cone. The cone somehow seemed to be holding together what looked like a wispy, pink cloud! Splash took a sniff and then poked at it. It was soft, but also kind of sticky. She pinched off a piece and put it in her mouth, delighted when it immediately disappeared. It was magic!

 Mermaid Splash Dancing Under Water  (c) Brett Stanley

 Mermaid Splash Dancing Under Water (c) Brett Stanley

She must have eaten 12 cones of “Cotton Candy” that day. As she explored, she came to a big circular stage and on top of the decorated stage were the most gorgeous carved wooden animals she had ever seen! Even prettier than the ones that were in her human fairy tale books! She pulled herself onto a beautiful horse that had a bright pink mane. As her tail draped over the saddle the sudden the stage began to move! It starting turning in a circle and the animals moved right along with it. The horse slowly rose up and down and they danced along with the stage like a boat bobbing on the waves.

As time progressed she would sneak onto the rides at night and eat cotton candy day after day but as time went on, less and less humans visited the island. One sad day, the park closed and no more humans came to see her. That was the saddest day of her life. She sat on the rocks of the island, thinking about cotton candy and the dancing horses and how much she would miss them. As she was getting ready to go back to her sea castle, a big gold tail splashed out of the water!

The gold tailed mermaid popped up her head and said “Hi! I’m Catalina!” She told Splash that she had heard about Coney Island closing but had a very special surprise about a place that needed its very own mermaid. Splash’s jaw dropped when the redhead said that the magical place was called "Santa Monica Pier" and was all the way in the Pacific Ocean! Apparently they had a shiny, metal forest too and all the cotton candy she could eat.

Splash thought that such a place was too good to be true, but then again, meeting another mermaid was too good to be true too! Catalina Mermaid took her hand and said, "Mermaid Splash...I promise you it's real. Come with me; I can show you!" and off they swam all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

Once in California Catalina Mermaid showed Splash all of the wonderful things Santa Monica had to offer and let her in on a secret – in California people like to have parties in the water too! Never one to turn down fun, Splash was welcomed in to the pod of Sheroes and now goes on lots of new adventures meeting kids where she gets to bring the magic and sparkle of fun to humans, just like Coney Island brought to her!


  • American Red Cross Lifeguard
  • American Red Cross Adult First Aid, CPR, and AED
  • American Red Cross Child and Infant First Aid, CPR, and AED


  • Gymnastics
  • Cheer Leading
  • Balloon Twisting
  • Land Games
Mermaid Harley Quin of Suicide Squad by DC Comics and Brenda Stumpf

(c) Brenda Stumpf: Mermaid Splash as "Harley Fin" - a mermaid cosplay celebrating the movie release of "Suicide Squad" and the revamped "Harley Quinn" character by Warner Brothers and DC Comics. Please note that Mermaid Splash is wearing a themed costume inspired by the comic book and does NOT wear this outfit to typical pool parties or events.

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