Mermaid Prism

La Verne, CA USA

Prism was absolute perfection and she has the voice of an angel!!! It was an honor to have her at the party. My daughter did not want her to leave and she has been asking about her every day! The party turned out great. Thank you!!
— Breena, Mom
Mermaid Prism.jpg

Mermaid Prism grew up in the Atlantic ocean near an island called Chincoteague off the coast of Virginia. When she was a young mermaid in the 1750s a large ship full of ponies crashed. They were scared and did not know where to go. Prism wanted to help guide them to the shore. The young mermaid could not calm and guide all the ponies by herself, she had to swim to her Pod faster than she ever had in her life to get help from her parents and friends. The merfolk used their sweet songs and swift fins to calm the ponies and help guide them to the island where they could roam free, and eat from the lush greens on the coast. It was that day that she decided to spend her life helping animals feel better with songs and teaching them to swim so they would not be afraid in the water. Countless years later she still loved watching when ponies ran and swam through the water each and every year in July with her little mersister Shellina. The ponies became legend across the world, and Prism loved seeing humans come by the island to watch the wild ponies run. The merfolk watched the humans and the ponies and decided that they were too close to such a popular island. When they decided to travel away to find a new home she told her mersister the story about the large ships that used to come by. She explained how the ponies were lost and scared when their ship had crashed, but that the whole pod had worked together to save them. 

One warm summer day when Prism was teaching Shellina to swim long distances in search of a new home and they made it all the way to Norfolk. This new place was filled with huge ships. On the ships were many handsome sailors in white uniforms, but the ships were loud and scary, and blew huge clouds of black smoke into the air. When Prism heard the loud horn of the ship she swam away from the surface and saw a glowing light. She followed that light which brought her to a cove to hide from the sound. When she was close enough she saw that the light came from a glowing coral. She saw that the glow had spots along the rocks deep in the sea as far as her eyes could see. She wanted to follow it to find out what these glowing lights were, but knew it would be a bad idea to take her sister so far from home. 

When Prism arrived back at her pod she asked her parents about it, and they brought her to their underwater library where she went to learn all about the magical glow called bio-luminescence. She even read about a place called Australia where a mermaid researcher was finding new types of fish that could glow. She thought it might be the perfect new home for her Pod, so she blew her family bubble kisses, and swam off on her first adventure alone. Near Australia she met the research specialist, and even helped cheer up a rainbow jellyfish that couldn't find his home. She sang to him the whole time they swam the islands nearby until they brought him back to where he lived. That's when she found the most beautiful reef that could be a home for her family. She swam home and told them all about it, but she told them that she couldn't go with them, because on her way she stopped by a magical place called California that had so many people and animals she could sing to and help! Her family was so happy to see her spreading joy to the world. Prism promised to visit home whenever she found a new bio-luminescent sea creature. Now in California she shares not only with her voice, but her love of the ocean by teaching others to swim like a mermaid, dance like a jellyfish, and blow bubble kisses at birthday parties.


  • American Red Cross Lifeguard

  • American Red Cross Adult First Aid, CPR, and AED

  • American Red Cross Child and Infant First Aid, CPR, and AED


All images used with permission.