Professional Mermaid and Merman Modeling Jobs

This job posting is for part-time, on-call, job-by-job print and fashion model applicants interested in working for print model, influencer events, trade show booths, music videos, and cocktail parties who meet specific talent casting requirements from our clients.

During these parties models are responsible for picking up a costume from Simi Valley for work before a job if they do not have their own, working an event in a mermaid or merman costume for 1 hour or more while swimming in a pool or posing for photos, and providing a happy, friendly, smile to guests while posing for photos and engaging in small talk.

Mermaid costumes consist of a bikini style bra with mermaid tail. Merman costumes consist of a merman tail.

Please know that unlike most of our jobs which are skills and personality based, our model roles are primarily based on appearance matches to client needs with wages varying based on length of work.

All our print and model-style clients are specifically looking for men and women in excellent fitness, runway or party ready hair and makeup skills that they can do themselves without help, and brilliant, photo-ready, smiles. We welcome all religions, genders, sexual orientations, and racial backgrounds.


  • Casting Requirements

    • Be 18 years of age or older.

    • Have either a glamorous ingenue or sultry type look that photographs well in unedited, phone-based, photos from guests at events.

    • Be between 5’4”-6’ tall and not over 140 pounds (women) or 200 pounds (men) with a waist size between 20”-26” (women) or 26-32” (men) in diameter to fit existing costumes. Most women’s roles are looking for size 0/2 models.

    • Be a US Citizen or have a current valid work visa authorizing you to work in the USA

    • Be fluent in English

    • Be readily accessible via phone and email contact

    • Have consistent weekend availability and Friday nights, specifically Saturday afternoons

    • Possess reliable transportation and be able to drive it up to two hours for work

  • Meet or Exceed the Following Physical Requirements:


    • Be able to lift and carry up to 40 pounds in a backpack bag or front held position.

    • Be able to swim with confidence for 50 yards without stopping.

    • Be able to swim underwater and pick up a dive ring underwater from 5’ of depth.

    • Be able to tread water for 1 minute.

  • Meet or Exceed the Following Personality Traits:

    • Be reliable and easy to reach for work, e.g. a person who picks up the phone and does not flake or become difficult for costume fittings and pre-event coordination.

    • Be comfortable playing to either a gay / LGBT or straight audience and also with all variety of races.

    • Possess exemplary people skills.

    • Have the ability to cheerfully engage in conversation with strangers for an hour or more.

    • Enjoy working in crowds and noisy situations.

    • Possess outgoing poise, charm, and confidence while maintaining character doing extemporaneous speaking.

Professional Mermaid or Merman Model Job Application

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