Mermaid Lily

Burbank, CA USA

(c) Sheroes Entertainment, LLC

(c) Sheroes Entertainment, LLC

Currently available for adult-only parties only.

Meet Mermaid Lily! She was born in Nánhǎi, more commonly referred to as the South China Sea. She swam all the way to California bask in the warm Pacific waters.

Mermaid Lily grew up in a large family. As the youngest daughter, she often liked tailing along after her older sister to swim among the many fishing boats. Her favorite time is during the Dragon Boat Festival when the humans ride colorful boats shaped like dragons. Occasionally the humans drop delicious zongzi, sticky rice, in the water in respect of Qu Yuan. The legend is that he sacrificed himself for his country, so the villagers drop food into the water so the fish will eat that instead of their friend.

Mermaid Lily's grey whale friends told her of the very different warm waters of the Pacific, so being ever adventurous, Mermaid Lily started swimming along in different oceans. To her surprise, the water is much warmer than the South China Sea. One day during her exploring, Mermaid Lily met Catalina Mermaid who told her all about the scrumptious food humans call birthday cake. She made the decision to settle down in California to meet and play with other mermaids. She has since taken up in sunny Los Angeles where she swims among the dolphins and whales.

Once a year, you can find Mermaid Lily swimming in a Dragon Boat Festival here in Southern California or in China with her family.


  • American Red Cross Lifeguard
  • American Red Cross Adult First Aid, CPR, and AED
  • American Red Cross Child and Infant First Aid, CPR, and AED
  • US Passport for International Travel
(c) Brenda Stumpf

(c) Brenda Stumpf

(c) Sheroes Entertainment, LLC

(c) Sheroes Entertainment, LLC

I’d like to stress how much we enjoyed having Mermaid Lily- She was so pleasant and our guests absolutely loved her! We are quite happy with how everything played out.
— Sadie, Event Planner for The Supperclub
Thanks again for everything. Lily was amazing and we couldn’t have been happier with her work.
— Snehal P., Production


The party was great and Lily and the lifeguard were wonderful! I look forward to using your services again!
— Kara F.


Note: Mermaid Lily recently shed her scales in to the magnificent gold lionfish mermaid tail shown in the images on this page as of Spring 2016. The below video is from her prior evolution.

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Photography courtesy of John Paulsen unless otherwise noted.