(c) Alissa Krumlauf

(c) Alissa Krumlauf

Mermaid Merissa

Burbank, CA USA

Mermaid Merissa, one of Sheroes Entertainment's lovely pink tailed professional mermaids came from the Northern Pacific Ocean close to California, in a cave surrounded by a coral reef and kelp forest! From sea stars to sea horses, she has a lot of friendly little neighbors such as sea stars, crabs, clown fish, sea anemone, lobsters, puffer fish, and rainbow fishes!

When every mermaid becomes old enough they are aloud to leave home and swim across the different oceans! Mermaid Merissa's very good merfriends and joined her in taking a trip around the world together once she became of age. They swam from their home, the Pacific Ocean all the way to the the Indian Ocean. From there they swam around to the Atlantic Ocean and then up to the Arctic Ocean (which was very cold!).  In total, it took the mermaid friends about 5 years to do and they met all sorts of sea life and other mermaids from other oceans along the way.

Merissa loves all animals and has two very close friends: a dolphin named Pearl and Olly the Octopus. Pearl and Pearl’s family are very close with her merfamily. When Pearl was born, Merissa helped raise her. She loves to ride with Pearl and Pearl’s friends as they swim and explore. She also dreams about dancing, but doesn't have legs! The group of friends manages though and have fun swimming underwater creating all sorts of awesome swim routines!

(c) Alissa Krumlauf

(c) Alissa Krumlauf

Olly is an Octopus that she found when he was very young. He lives in the cave with her and is very helpful... however, he is very sneaky and sometimes he uses his camouflage and she can't find him! Olly inks when he laughs which gives him away though!  

Mermaid Merissa loves arts and crafts too. Sometimes she wears a sea star in her hair to remind her of home. She also loves to collect sea glass, treasure, and wear pearls that she has collected from different oysters and mollusks, or that she has found on the ocean floor.

At Los Angeles birthday parties this fin-tastic professional mermaid travels to share her love of the sea and exploration with children and is known for her positive, engaging, and kind nature with children at mermaid parties.


  • American Red Cross Lifeguard
  • American Red Cross Adult First Aid, CPR, and AED
  • American Red Cross Child and Infant First Aid, CPR, and AED
  • Zumba Instructor
  • State of California Teaching Credential

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