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Lompoc, CA - Serving the San Luis Obispo to Santa Barbara service region in Central California

Laguna is our mermaid from the Atlantic! Laguna grew up in the warm southern water of the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of Florida. She spent her young mer-days splashing and swimming among the coral reefs, playing with the parrot fish and friendly sea turtles. Once a grown mermaid, she studied Marine Biology for several years before embarking on a grand adventure across the Panama Canal.

Her journey ended in the Pacific Ocean off of Southern California, where she now calls home. Laguna took her passion for learning even further in her new SoCal home and studied Marine Science and Education so that she may share her knowledge and love of the ocean with others, both merfolk and landfolk alike.

When she's not swimming up in the shallows to explore the tide pools or dancing with the leopard sharks, she loves to educate the local humans about the exciting marine life of Southern California! 


  • American Red Cross Lifeguard
  • American Red Cross Adult First Aid, CPR, and AED
  • American Red Cross Child and Infant First Aid, CPR, and AED


  • Marine Biology, B.S.
  • Adaptive Education & Special Needs Awareness

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(c) Sheroes Entertainment, LLC

(c) Sheroes Entertainment, LLC

Mermaid Looking in Mirror

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