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Archery at Camp Arnaz

What does a troop lesson consist of?

A Girl Scout troop lesson is a beginning introduction to archery. It consists of the following (subject to order change):

  • Range safety overview
  • Gear assignment
  • Range locations and parts
  • Bow and equipment overview and safety
  • Basic T-form for shooting
  • 1:1 time with coach(es) to learn to shoot
  • Group shooting time

How Much Does It Cost?

$75 per hour, subject to availability.

How much archery shooting time will each participant get?

It depends on the size of a Girl Scout troop and the willingness of the Girl Scout troop to remain quiet during lecture-based archery instruction and follow directions. We cover a LOT of material on archery in a short amount of time. Our safety, form, range information, weapons assignment, and archery overview intro lasts approximately 25 minutes followed by shooting time.To maximize shooting time please assist the coach in keeping your Girl Scout troop members attentive and quiet so that they can be heard and understood. In a 1.5 hour session with 12 shooters each Girl Scout will typically shoot 2 rounds of 3 arrows each 1:1 with a coach and then another 3-4 rounds as a group. Attentive troops who are assisting in where they need to be and listening can shoot up to 2 1:1 rounds followed by 6-8 group rounds in the same amount of time.

What kinds of bows do you use?

US Olympic style archery recurve bows and arrows.

One of my Scouts has her own bow. Can she use it?

Many archery bows brought by participants are the wrong weight, length, or other fit for the person in question. As children get very attached to their personal items (regardless of if they are appropriate for them in the sport) we do not wish to see them upset and request that you instead leave them home unless expressly designed for a physical impairment or handicap.

What should we wear / bring?

Close toed shoes, sunblock, a hat, sunglasses, and comfortable fitted clothing. Bringing water and bug spray is highly recommended. Please do NOT wear sandals.

Will I get a female coach?

All of our current certified coaching staff is female as of October 2015.

Can adults shoot too?

Our focus is on working with the Girl Scout troop members under the age of 18 (or over 18 if Seniors); if there is extra time (and adults have signed waivers) we may be able to accommodate them but our emphasis is on the girls.

Can I get a receipt?

Yes, absolutely. Please ask us if you do not automatically receive one.

Can I pay by check?

Unfortunately no. We recommend having a troop leader use their credit card with this form and then submit a receipt for reimbursement to their troop treasurer for a reimbursement check if needed.

It's raining / cold / hot / windy etc. - I don't want to shoot. Can we do it another day?

Any coach reservations cancelled within 1 week of scheduled event date are subject to a $40 cancellation fee. Any reschedule requests less than 1 week away are subject to a $25 reschedule fee regardless of reason. This fee is intended to help partially compensate our coach from the work that they would have turned down to be with you on your event date. Reschedule dates are subject to availability. If you need to reschedule please call us at (805) 328-4911. The range itself has a shade covering over its back area which can be used to shoot under in the event of rain or excessive sun.