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How does the reservation process work?

  1. Contact us at (805) 328-4911 or through THIS LINK and let us know what characters / party type you would like to reserve.
  2. We'll check our calendar and make sure that we have availability and let you know with a price quote that is valid for 24 hours.
  3. If you would like to make a reservation reply with "I would like to make a reservation."
  4. We'll send a 50% retainer invoice and contract to you to sign online. You'll automatically receive a copy of both for your records.
  5. One week prior to your event we'll send a balance payment invoice and follow up to make sure that everything is still correct.
  6. After the party you will receive a survey from us to share some of your incredible new memories.

Can I choose the mermaid?

No. Mermaids aren't mass-produced birthday cakes or balloons. They are real people with real talent and hearts. As such, we assign performers based on their location, schedule, and skill set to offer you the best possible party experience possible.

We are an equal opportunity employer of world-class talent and, as such, cannot honor discriminatory or racial preference requests based on protected characteristics like skin color, gender, or race.

Can I choose what the mermaid is wearing? I want it to match my table cloth...

You can choose at the time of booking if you would like the mermaid to either appear in a fabric tail or silicone tail (upgrade charge).

You cannot choose the color of the tail or the mermaid sent to your event as all silicone tails are custom fit prosthetic art pieces that are not interchangeable between performers.

You can see the level of our costume quality online to be assured that we send excellent costumes.

How hot should I heat the pool?

Heating your pool is the single most important thing you can do to make sure that guests have a great pool party. 88-90 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended for recreational swimming for young children and mermaids. Young children get very cold very fast (and mermaids turn into fish sticks) due to their limited body fat level.

Where are you located?

Sheroes Entertainment LLC is based in Southern California minutes away from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, California and Los Angeles. We currently have team members working throughout Southern California (Ventura County, San Diego County, and Los Angeles County) and Northern California (Sacramento).

Are you willing to travel?

Yes! Approximately 80% of our team has valid passports and can be mobilized within 24 hours to go to your location once contract and deposit are signed.

Additional travel charges apply to parties or events outside of the Ventura County, San Diego, Sacramento, and Los Angeles County areas for things like drive time, mileage, hotels, and/or flights.

For the cheapest hotel, air, and performance rates we highly encourage you to book your performers at least two months in advance for any events outside of California.

Please note that we will NOT dispatch any performers to any countries listed with the US Department of State as having current Travel Alerts or Travel Warnings.

How do I know if I have to pay an extra travel charge?

These are the mermaid and water regions that we offer that do not encounter extra travel fees for one pool parties and female land character parties. Events outside of these ranges are subject to a an additional travel fee. The travel rate (if applicable) will be on your invoice before you approve it.

How much do I tip a performer?

We recommend 15-20% of the total party cost, just like you would do in a nice restaurant.

Why can't I book a mermaid by themselves?

Our real swimming mermaids are just that... swimming mermaids with solid non-walking fins. They physically can't walk to the pool so they need a helper to get them there and help keep an eye on safety. Per insurance requirements we're required to send that safety person so if you already hired a lifeguard they'll be there too to assist with extra coverage.

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(c) Award Agency