She Cares: Charitable Work at Sheroes Entertainment LLC

Thank you for your interest in Sheroes Entertainment LLC's charity work. We value your charity's contribution to your community and in thinking of us for participation in your upcoming event.

We have been delighted to work with charities including The Ocean Institute, The Make a Wish Foundation, Fish for Life, The Girl Scouts, The Ventura County Sheriff's Department, Toys for Tots, The City of Thousand Oaks Conejo Valley Parks and Recreation District, The LA Social Services Department, Combat Radio, Homeboy Industries, and The Rolo Foundation.

We hope that we will soon add your charitable organization's name to our list. Here are the main ways that we may be able to work together. If you have questions please call us at (805) 328-4911.

Showcase a sponsor

Ask a sponsor to pay for your trip!

Ask a sponsor to pay for your trip!

The easiest way to work with us is to have an advertising sponsor at your event pay for us.

Say, for instance, you want to have us send face painters to your event. You can ask a business if they would like to sponsor the face painting portion at your event in exchange for advertising placement at that booth.

Instead of a generic face painting booth it becomes the "YOUR BUSINESS HERE" face painting booth where they can take great, social media shareable shots of families or guests in front of their company's name.

By simply adding on the cost of a custom sign printing to the cost of hiring us you've turned a generic sponsorship request in to a fun, experiential way that a sponsor can actively see guests viewing their name or product information. Not only that but sponsors can really feel like they contributed something meaningful while enabling them to actually go out and meet their users or customers in a welcoming environment. Helping out + advertising write off / ad budget use opportunity + seeing their name showcased = happy sponsors!

Not sure of who to approach? Try larger national or international companies, car dealers, internet providers, phone services, sportswear companies, food or drink distributors, or major chain store like Walmart, Target, or Kohls are great to ask about this type of opportunity as they have larger advertising budgets that they need to spend every year. By showcasing their name prominently in advertising and in the service area it satisfies their need to be seen and qualify for that form of budget expense.

Event booth setups that we offer that work well for this type of sponsorship include:

Share OUr Success

If you have a large mailing list for your school, church, sports program, or other youth-based organization, this might be a good option for you. In "Shared Success" we say thank you for helping to get the word out about our services by sending you $5 from every party we are paid for (sold at $150 or higher) in our local service areas when a client uses your own unique promotional code. If 20 people buy party services from us you make $100 and so on.

Call us at (805) 328-4911 to set up your own unique promo code and start earning money for your charity or organization today!

Feature Us

Catalina Mermaid  doing featured community meet and greet at "Fishing Frenzy" in Thousand Oaks

Catalina Mermaid doing featured community meet and greet at "Fishing Frenzy" in Thousand Oaks

Are you having a 500+ person event and need something extra special to lure in the press? Feature us!

If you are in the Los Angeles, Ventura County, Santa Barbara, or Sacramento areas of California and will be hosting a large, public, event open to children and families with an estimated attendance of 500 people or more we might be able to help.

Many of our mermaid or mermen performers can appear as special guest judges, parade marshals, or other featured and visible positions in exchange for interview inclusion in media (newspaper, radio, television), interviews about the event, website and mailing list showcasing, and other forms of advertising inclusion (subject to performer availability and location). Call (805) 328-4911 to ask us how.

Please note:

We do not donate gift certificates or money. The unfortunate reality is that our performance services are not tax deductible. We really wish they were - they just aren't. When we send out a performer we are taking them offline and away from their families or their jobs that they depend on in order to pay their rent, buy food, and otherwise sustain themselves. Additionally, we have found that gift certificates simply do not do the quality of our performers and their legendary charisma justice. When you hire one of our performers you get a 1:1 consultant that lives, breaths, and loves making your guests happy. A piece of bid paper on a cluttered table at a silent auction simply doesn't showcase that.

We do not donate products that we need to work, e.g. mermaid tails, archery gear, costumes, whatever. We need those materials to be able to work and to support ourselves and our families.

We do not provide services to organizations that have in any way been labelled "extremist" by the US government and/or community at large that in any way promote or condone hate or violence against women, children, or animals or use sensationalistic violence in their advertising. USA military, police, veteran's networks, and civil defense branches excepted.

Your understanding is appreciated!