Catalina Mermaid

Ventura County, CA USA

Catalina, working with sharks, eels, and other aquatics for working at The Aquarium of the Pacific

Catalina, working with sharks, eels, and other aquatics for working at The Aquarium of the Pacific

Green silicone mermaid tail photo by Ron Tencati

Green silicone mermaid tail photo by Ron Tencati

Pink mythic mermaid tail photo by Crystal Olguin

Pink mythic mermaid tail photo by Crystal Olguin

Gold mythic mermaid tail photo by Suzanne Gonzalez

Gold mythic mermaid tail photo by Suzanne Gonzalez

Germany’s Next Top Model TV Coaching Reel: All Models Trained by Catalina in only TWO DAYS for underwater modeling, tail fitness, and depth work in a 30’ deep tank with wildlife.

Catalina Mermaid swimming on continuous breath hold underwater for Sheroes Entertainment wearing her blue scale-style mermaid tail. Footage by Nicole Coleman.

Catalina Mermaid with Pirate John

Catalina Mermaid with Pirate John

  • The United States' elite professional character entertainer to both Hollywood and foreign royalty including Jessica Simpson, Channing Tatum, President Bush, First Lady Hilary Clinton, and President Carter

  • The expert pro-fish-onal who developed LA Mermaid School - the United States' leading professional mermaid training program

  • Published author of Be a Real-Life Mermaid available on and Barnes & Noble.

  • One of only a handful of women to ever work as a Search & Rescue Diver for the Sheriff's Department.

  • Acclaimed by guests as "the living Ariel," a real-life natural redhead who closely resembles the lead character from Disney's renowned feature film, The Little Mermaid

Sheroes Entertainment LLC is thrilled to have Catalina Mermaid as our LA Mermaid School Lead Trainer, underwater shoot coordinator, and mermaid film adviser to the Hollywood film industry where she lends her "white fin service" to help camera crews to stay safe and create underwater movie magic.

Catalina has five years of on location underwater coordinator experience and saves film shoots an average of 3 hours - 2 full days of shooting time due to her intensive experience, broad water skill set, and forward thinking approach to anticipating and minimizing issues on underwater sets. 

She makes [underwater mermaid work] look so graceful. She’s one of the world’s most renown mermaids!
— Mark S. Allen, Good Day Sacramento (CBS)
One of my favorite underwater models. Not only is she very accomplished business owner and rescue diver, totally gorgeous but one of the sweetest most generous and loving people I’ve ever met. She deserves all the success in the world!
— Cheryl Walsh, 1st Place WPPI Award Winner
One of the best in the business!
— E.W.

L'Oreal La Mer 50th Anniversary Event Demo Reel

Catalina's Resume

Mermaid & Modeling Training:

  • Freediving / Apnea Breath Hold Training (down to 33 feet)

    • Max static breath hold: 3 minutes 5 seconds

    • Max dynamic / underwater swimming breath hold: 2 minutes 23 seconds

  • Underwater Modeling & Buoyancy Control Coach

  • Underwater Makeup and Wig Application

  • Underwater Costume Design

  • Pool Water Clarity and Preparation Protocols for Underwater Shoots

  • Open & Confined Water Mermaid Technique

  • LA Mermaid School Founder & Training Staff Supervisor

Aquarium & Event-Specific Experience:

  • Children's Event Entertainment Coordinator for Over 900 Events

  • Aquarium of the Pacific Volunteer Exhibit Diver

  • Los Angeles County Fair "Knight Show" Director and Creative Lead

  • Ocean Institute Children's Mermaid Shows & Swim Encounter Development Lead

  • Ventura Harbor Mermaid

  • Fish For Life Open Water Appearance for Disabled Children

  • Aquatic American Sign Language (ASL) Basic Terminology and Teaching Methods

  • Aquatic Life Illness and Disease Symptom Identification

  • Cleaning Protocols for Aquarium Habitats

  • Dive Locker Equipment Storage and Cleaning

  • Guest Interaction & Customer Service

  • OSHA & ISO Standard Awareness for Scientific Diving Facilities

  • Gallup Strengths Finder and Myers Briggs Team Development Training

SCUBA & Water Rescue Certifications & Affiliations:

  • State of California Disaster Services Worker (Aquatics)

  • Sheriff's Search and Rescue (SAR) SCUBA Dive Team Member

  • FEMA, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

  • American Heart Association:

    • First Aid, CPR, and AED

  • American Red Cross:

    • Lifeguard Management

    • Lifeguard

    • Adult First Aid, CPR, and AED

    • Child and Infant First Aid, CPR, and AED

SCUBA Credentials:

  • SSI, SCUBA Dive Master

  • SSI, SCUBA Dive Guide

  • SSI, SCUBA Science of Diving

  • PADI, SCUBA Rescue Diver

  • PADI, SCUBA Advanced Open Water Diver

  • PADI, SCUBA Open Water Diver

  • SCUBA Specialty Certifications and Training:

    • Buddy Phone - Underwater Communications

    • Cylinder Refill Station Protocols and Safety Precautions

    • Dam & Water Storage Facility Diving

    • Deep Diving

    • Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV)

    • Dry Suit Diving

    • Emergency Oxygen / O2 Provider

    • FEMA Incident Command Structure Relating to Dive Operations

    • Full Face Mask (FFM) - Guardian

    • Helicopter Jump Entries in SCUBA Gear

    • Neoprene Care and Cleaning

    • Lift Bags

    • Night Diving

    • Remote Controlled Sonar and Underwater Camera Robotics Usage

    • Ropes & Rappelling Protocols for Water Entries in SCUBA Gear

    • Search & Recovery

    • Shark Diving (Black Reef Tip Sharks)

    • SMB & DSMB Marking and Reel Management

    • Underwater Navigation

    • Underwater Vehicle Recovery

Children's Safety Certifications

  • Los Angeles Archdiocese, Vertus Certification

  • US Olympic Committee, Safe Sport Certification

Archery Certifications

  • US Archery, Level 3-NTS (National Training System) Coach

  • US Archery, Level 1 & Level 2 Instructor Trainer

  • Girl Scouts of Central California, Archery Instructor Trainer

  • Girl Scouts of Central California, Archery Patch Program Creator

Partial TV & Commercial Credits

  • "Reach" AFI Short Film - Supporting

  • L'Oreal Paris' La Mer 50th Anniversary Heritage Event Film - Principal

  • Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles - Supporting

  • Facts & Fintasea - Principal

  • Mermaid Encounter - Principal

  • Neverland - Principal

  • Coastal Carnival - Principal

  • Los Angeles County Fair - Principal

  • Deadliest Warrior - Principal

  • Couples Therapy - Weapons Specialist

  • Marriage Bootcamp - Weapons Specialist

  • Shoot to Thrill - Weapons Specialist

Memberships & Education

Catalina performing at Carolina Renaissance Festival. Photo by Ron Tencati, tank by Circus Siren.

Catalina performing at Carolina Renaissance Festival. Photo by Ron Tencati, tank by Circus Siren.

  • Dual degree in biomedical & mechanical engineering from the University of Southern California (USC)

  • Diver's Alert Network (DAN)

  • SSI Dive Pro Member

  • SAG-AFTRA Actress & Stuntwoman

  • Girl Scouts of the USA, Adult Member

  • USA Archery, Coaching Member

  • Mime School / Physical Comedy

  • Stunt Horse Training

  • Motorcycle Class M1 License

Additional information

  • Experienced water safety team lead & underwater shoot production coordinator

  • Trained in underwater modeling, face painting, balloon twisting, glitter tattoos, children's games development, aquarium show production, and costuming

  • Multiple mermaid tail wardrobe options available (gold, green, white)

  • US Passport for International Travel

A consummate professional.
— David B.
Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles - Season 8

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles - Season 8

Catalina, in 35 pounds of steel plate metal armor, underwater working on set with  Brett Stanley, photographer

Catalina, in 35 pounds of steel plate metal armor, underwater working on set with Brett Stanley, photographer

Click on the above video to see Catalina Mermaid swim!

Mermaid Shows Featuring Catalina Mermaid

(c)  Terri Brindisi ; Catalina Mermaid performing underwater magic tricks at  Dive Bar Sacramento  as part of  "Coastal Carnival"

(c) Terri Brindisi; Catalina Mermaid performing underwater magic tricks at Dive Bar Sacramento as part of "Coastal Carnival"


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Thank you for an amazing evening! My guests and I were very impressed with your service. You were the talk of the evening. You’re absolutely worth every dollar!
— Client from Los Angeles
It was so amazing seeing you in person! Your show was a treasure that will stay in my heart forever♡ I can’t wait to tell my children and grandchildren that I saw mermaids in an underwater circus! Beautiful!
— Megan O.
I walked into the office today and heard one of my employees going on and on about the mermaid at her friend’s daughter’s party. She showed me a picture of the mermaid with the birthday girl - and it was you! You really wowed everyone, and I was happy to tell her about all the other amazing stuff you do! :D
— Jessica C.
Thank you so much for making our morning truly fabulous! Your costume, attitude, enthusiasm, and art are all so fabulously amazing. I truly enjoyed working with have the engaging element of fantasy that captivates children.
— Sarah, Ocean Institute

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Newspaper and Written Press Coverage from the OC Register

Click here to view the article. Photos by Mindy Schauer for the OC Register

Click on a video below to see Catalina Mermaid in Action!

Coastal Carnival (Start Around 1:40) Mermaid Magic Under Water

Catalina Mermaid diving and swimming in the Channel Islands and off Catalina Island (California)

Catalina Mermaid Freediving in Underwater Caves in Mexico

Catalina with Caribbean Pearl

Catalina Mermaid and Merman Jax swimming at a pool party

Images on this page are the courtesy of Sheroes Entertainment LLC, Alloy Images, Brenda Stumpf, Billy Lee Photography, Chris Ward, Lee Roth, and Angeleno Magazine.


NewsBeat Social Interview About LA Mermaid School

Catalina's Story

Get ready to party!!!! Catalina Mermaid is the fin-tastic Mermaid Film Team Lead here at Sheroes Entertainment and is the tidal force behind our water team's activities and shows!

Catalina is a 100% genuine California Mermaid (A Goldenstate Yellowtail to be exact!) and has the special ability to transform her mermaid tail between ocean green and the magnificent Goldenstate Gold mermaid tail that distinguishes her species.

Always a precocious mermaid, Catalina grew up hiding in the kelp forests of Santa Catalina Island off of the Southern California coastline where she would sneak up to the surface and watch television off of the bows of moored yachts in the Avalon Harbor. Enchanted by the numerous "tails" that the screen showed she decided to follow the boats back to the mainland and start her journey to become Hollywood's Mermaid, a regular Siren of the Silver Screen!

Hollywood responded extremely well to Catalina Mermaid and word soon carried across the seven seas about this "golden gill" and her knack with people. Soon fashion designers, authors, and other fun creatives were inviting her all over the world!

Catalina Mermaid made international headlines when she worked at Chateau du Fontainebleau as its first mermaid in history as part of Paris Fashion Week, was featured in US Weekly and Backstage Magazine, Swam for Million Dollar Listing LA, created the "Mermaid Encounter" mermaid show for the Ocean Institute Aquarium, founded the aquatic areas of Los Angeles’ two largest masquerade balls, trained the Buzzfeed staff in "mermaiding,"and was featured in six national magazines for her otherworldly underwater work.

We'll tell you a secret though - despite her fintastic resume Hollywood's Mermaid loves birthday cake. Chocolate cake, strawberry cake, octopus cake on a pop - the promise of a swimming pool or beach birthday party with real genuine birthday cake is enough to get this Avalon-based mermaid high tailing it to the mainland to spread some extra special birthday party cheer!

When she isn't swimming in front of the camera as Hollywood's Mermaid, Catalina Mermaid leads an extremely active life helping others in water-related disasters and enjoying her ocean home under the historic Avalon Casino Building in Avalon, California on Santa Catalina Island. In her time off she loves listening to vintage movies above her in the Casino Building movie theater and swapping safety tips with the local Harbor Patrol and SCUBA diving instructors.