Photo courtesy of  Themed Shots

Photo courtesy of Themed Shots

Some performers will make a mark on your world and always leave a smile on your face. Calypso is one such performer who absolutely shines with delight, glittery goodness, and magical flair! Calypso is our Orange County, Costa Mesa, and Long Beach, California local party character performer.

Calypso's laugh or sweet singing voice can be heard coming far before you see her, but once you do you'll see that her she absolutely enthralls children wherever she happens to be!

Always up for an adventure and ready to learn and do new things, Calypso has portrayed princesses, mermaids, squires (lady knights in training), and many more! If there is ever a moment at a party that seems a bit slow you can assume that Calypso is skipping in on her way to make it party perfect and shape up the energy in to the best possible fun!

Calypso is particularly good with ages 3-6 as she LOVES princesses and all things fairytale. Some of her young fans think that she looks like Snow White and she loves dressing up and cosplaying as princesses or others from classic children's films on her days off.

Singing, balloons twisting, face painting, games, glitter body art, and more... she's always up to the challenge of making your party the best ever!

See some of the wonderful party entertainment that Calypso joins us in: