Scavenger Hunt vs Treasure Hunt: What's the Difference?

Are you throwing a birthday party and need a great activity? Our custom scavenger hunts are magical... in more ways than one!

Here's a recent question from a mom in LA to our mail bag about our fairy scavenger hunt: "During the scavenger hunt do the children find items to keep?  Please elaborate... I’m wondering if items need to be hidden ahead of time... thank you."


That is a great question! Here is the explanation of what a scavenger hunt is:

  • Unlike a treasure hunt which rewards kids for finding things for themselves, our fairy scavenger hunt rewards kids for their own attention, reading comprehension, observational skills, and assistance in helping others (e.g. the fairies in the book).
  • In a treasure hunt there is only one thing to find (a chest with gems, for instance, which is short lived as once the thing is found it's done). A scavenger hunt gives a group of children opportunities to find many things through a quest-based format.
    • The items are given to a person by the fairy when she arrives to hide. She normally calls 15 minutes before arrival to have someone meet her outside and take them from her. They are then pre-hidden by a parent or helpful team at the beginning of the party when the fairy has kids distracted.
  • A scavenger hunt involves a custom rhyming clues list based on the book being read at the event. We have custom small props such as ribbons, a tiara, etc. that directly tie to the book being read. The motive for the children to find them is that the fairy needs to return them to her friends... the kids don't keep the props as they are part of her "kit" for events.
    • As an example one of the pictures in the book has a beautiful illustration of an emerald green fairy playing in a forest field with a frog. The clues list for the hunt (read after the book) has a clue that says "Ribbit, hip, hop, can you find where the Emerald Fairy’s [FROG] has taken a minute to stop?" The performer first sees if the kids can guess what she is looking for based on what they saw in the book. If they can't they look at the picture and are clued in that it's a frog! They then look for the super cute frog toy together to give back to the fairy to return to her friends in fairy land. :)

If you would like to have the fairy pass out goodie bags (you provide) to the guests for their help in the scavenger hunt just let us know and we can work that in.