Learn to do Archery Party (Real Arrows)

(c) Sheroes Entertainment LLC. Our Classic Archery portable archery range on location at a birthday party. Please note that we are now using NASP targets which are lower to the ground for all ages for safety. Please see its image below for more information.

(c) Sheroes Entertainment LLC. Our Classic Archery portable archery range on location at a birthday party. Please note that we are now using NASP targets which are lower to the ground for all ages for safety. Please see its image below for more information.


Does your son love to play Minecraft? Does your daughter dream of being an athlete like Katniss Everdeen in "Hunger Games?" Does your company retreat, bachelor party, or wedding party need something "different" to do for fun? If so, then you need an archery party!

Choose to enjoy the convenience of a party at your home with an archery birthday party package featuring our portable archery range. We bring an entire traveling archery range with archery coaches to your wedding, county fair, or birthday party location (subject to site approval) for an amazing hands-on archery birthday party or archery event that teaches real sports skills while building confidence and having fun!

Our archery party staff members are certified USA Archery Instructors with special youth safety certifications who teach proper technique with real professional archery equipment.


  • 1 Archery Party Instructor

    • Additional instructors are available at an extra charge if needeed

  • Portable target and all needed archery equipment for duration of our time at party

Exceptional job. This was so professional and you handled the kids so well. The girls have been saying over and over “This was my BEST birthday ever!!!” Thanks for making it a very special day!
— Beverly, Mom of Twin Girls


  • Archery Safety Overview

  • Archery Equipment Parts and History

  • Archery Form and Technique

  • Archery Shooting Lesson With 1:1 Assistance As Needed

  • Group Shooting Practice

  • Archery Shooting Game(s) as Time Permits

  • Photo Opportunities




This party offering IS NOT SUITABLE for groups of mentally disabled persons, groups of people with Autism, Asperger’s, or children challenged with hyperactivity / inability to focus, attention deficit disorders, problems relating to and working with other people, or other special mental health and developmental behavior challenges. All participants MUST be able to pay attention, follow directions, and stay focused for an hour or more without becoming overstimulated, screaming, attacking, or otherwise throwing tantrums.

This party offering CAN be adapted to accommodate for a smaller group of special physical needs participants dependent on aids such as wheelchair usage, speaking challenges, hearing loss, or limb challenges as long as those individuals are able to otherwise pay attention, follow direction, and participate in good humor with others with advanced notice at time of booking. If you are expecting a member of the deaf community please alert us at the time of booking and have your own interpreter present to sign for our staff member.


15 guests or less, maximum.

If you are expecting more than 15 guests we suggest our Archery Booth - CLICK HERE to learn about it.


Weapons Party Pricing April 25 2018.png
  • Travel is NOT included in this table and is priced based on the address provided in your quote.

  • Archery requires 1 hour total of load in / tear down time. This time spent is included inside of their total onsite time duration listed above. As an example, 2 hours of "total onsite time duration" contains 45 minutes of set up, 1 hour of shooting with guests, and 15 minutes of load out.

  • Gratuity not included and is suggested at 15-20% in cash on the day of the event.

  • Parties over 4 hours require that staff members rotate away from the booth one at a time to take a lunch break.

Medieval decoration upgrade. Please note that we are now using NASP targets which are lower to the ground for all ages for safety. Please see its image below for more information.

Medieval decoration upgrade. Please note that we are now using NASP targets which are lower to the ground for all ages for safety. Please see its image below for more information.

Optional Upgrades

  • Rain Shade - (12'x12' or 12'x16')

  • Prize Box

  • Medieval Decorations (flower garlands, flags, costumes on instructors)

Space Requirements

  • A flat location (outdoors or high vaulted ceiling preferred) at least 20'x25' in dimension.

  • We need a cleared 4' wide or larger load-in path to set up out equipment.

  • All small children, parents with iPhones, and pets must be kept away from in front of the shooting line at all times.

These two party guests LOVED The Hunger Games!

These two party guests LOVED The Hunger Games!

Available Themes

Our staff arrives in cheerful company logo T-shirts unless otherwise requested in writing during contract signing. If you are throwing a party with one of the following themes please let us know as we can often tie the staff's wardrobe in to match your theme.

  • Camping

  • Oktoberfest

  • Hunger Games

  • Tomb Raider / Indiana Jones

  • Brave / Merida

  • Renaissance Faire

  • Robin Hood / Sherwood Forest / Medieval Knights


Los Angeles County: inc. Hollywood, Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank, Porter Ranch, Northridge, Culver City, Woodland Hills, West Hills, Granada Hills, San Fernando Valley, Valley Village, Sepulveda, Mulholland, Coldwater Canyon, Encino, Hidden Hills, Hidden Valley, Universal City, Citywalk, Brentwood, USC, UCLA, CSUN, La Canada Flintridge, Arcadia, Topanga, Century City, Pasadena, Silverlake, North Hollywood, West Hollywood, Bel Aire, Beverly Hills, Calabasas, Agoura Hills, Arcadia, Pasadena, Monrovia, Sylmar, Silverlake

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California coastline inc. Malibu, Venice, Playa del Rey, Playa Vista, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, El Segundo, Rancho Palos Verdes, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Montecito, Santa Barbara

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of equipment do you use?

Our oversized archery targets have been replaced with the new NASP national training standard.
takedown recurve bow
We have a variety of arrow types available to suit your unique event needs. This party normally ships with pointed arrows unless otherwise requested.
The archery party was sensational! Thanks so much for your hard work, professionalism, and good humor. [My husband] and I loved the party concept and the kids had a blast as well.
— Ruth B.
  • What kind of arrows go with this party?

    • Pointed arrows with standard target field points.

  • Why is there only one target?

    • We work with 2-4 archers at a time so that guests can see how they are doing with relation to their friends. After coaching over 3,000 new archers we've found that sharing the target makes this range portable, compact, and easy for the instructors to supervise for safety. Don't worry though - with this rotation waiting time is kept down to a minimum and everyone has plenty of time to shoot. It's not like a dinner plate; each guest *really* does NOT need to have their own.

  • I'm an adult. Why is the target short?

    • For safety. Arrows launch on an upward incline at short distances and beginning archers of all ages tend to aim higher than they need to which frequently results in "high" shots. As a result we follow the NASP (National After School Archery Program) standards in believing that targets closer to the ground help beginners to keep their shots where they expect to hit and in a contained area.

  • Does everyone get their own equipment?

    • It depends on the group. We bring a variety of bows and share them between archers as needed based on their strength and height. Whenever possible we try to assign one shooter per bow. Each archer is assigned to their own arrows, quiver, and arm guard for the party duration so that they can tell their things apart (and know when to brag when their arrow is the one in the gold!).

  • Do people need to know how to do archery before this party?

    • No, no prior experience is required. Our staff teaches from the very beginning steps up to fun games while at an event.

  • Can this type of event be moved inside?

    • Yes! It is actually designed for indoor studio, production back lot, sound stage, and event hall use. Its ballistic nylon backstop stops and drops the arrows behind the target should the shooter miss. It is rated to 35# bows; the maximum adult bow weight sent to parties is 20# while most of the children's bows are 12-14# ensuring that all bows stay within the range of the backstop's rating.

  • My child's sibling wants to shoot too. They're five. Can they?

    • Possibly. If time permits and the child is listening and working 1:1 with a coach they may be able to try it for a round. This party is designed for ages 8+ as groups of younger children simply do not have the attention span to participate.

  • I have boys. Can you send a boy coach?

    • All of our instructors are experienced in working with both boys and girls. We do not discriminate based on gender and strive to send the best available and most experienced instructor to you. As a result, we DO NOT take gender or specific person requests.

Are you brave enough to try archery? Merida and Brave themed parties are a perfect match for archery!

Are you brave enough to try archery? Merida and Brave themed parties are a perfect match for archery!

Safety Notes

  • We are committed to giving your guests the experience of a lifetime while maintaining a safe and learning environment. Photographs of your location prior to your event date are required before dispatch on this party.

  • Signed NFAA / USA Archery shooting waivers are required on any people wanting to do archery at your event.


I enthusiastically recommend Virginia and her crew. They did an outstanding job at my 10 year old’s archery themed birthday party. The girls had a fantastic time. Virginia was wonderful with the children: professional, educational, safety conscience and a whole lot of fun too!
— Susan M.
Thank you and your assistants for making Isabella’s 10th birthday party so special. She and her friends had a fantastic time. You were great with the children.
— Susan M.
Do you have more business cards? A few of the moms are still talking about the party - we can’t believe how great you are with the kids!
— Maria, Mom
Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful time!! We were all very impressed with your knowledge, professionalism, and teaching style. Your communication skills are excellent and very refreshing (from the first contact to our appointment)!! Our first archery lesson with you was beyond our expectations and I was excited to tell others about our experience! I know one mom is going to contact you ASAP for a possible party, so I hope we see you again soon! Thank you again!
— Kathy M.
We do both drills to teach skills and lead archery themed games to keep guests entertained while learning.

We do both drills to teach skills and lead archery themed games to keep guests entertained while learning.

Thank you for a wonderful time! All of the children loved it, and the parents enjoyed watching their kids learn something new. You made every child feel special today, It takes a true “teacher” to nurture their spirit. Ryan is already planning on having you for his 13th birthday party.
— Aimee, Mom
Last Saturday, I threw a Middle Earth themed birthday party for my now 10 year old son.

I hired Virginia from Sheroes Entertainment to come provide archery lessons for the kids, which was part of the “quest” they were on. Not only did Virginia show up early, with a professional attitude and equipment, but she and her assistant dressed up as elves and brought a specially-made target with a red dragon (Smaug), specifically in theme for the party! What a great addition and surprise!

The kids had an absolute blast - the archery was so much fun! Virginia is wonderful and sweet, and she really knew how to handle the kids and keep them entertained. She is a brilliant archer, and she puts so much effort into every costume, event, and endeavor. Thank you for being such a perfect part of our party!!!

We will certainly work her in to whatever our theme is for next year!
— Elisa, Mom
It’s really hard to find parties for the older kids. I know that she’s been interested in archery for a while but I had no idea that I could actually HIRE an entire archery range for her party! This is awesome.
— Mischa, mom
Amazing Party! Virginia and her awesome assistant made my son’s 10th birthday party unforgettable! It was a mixed group of 4th grade boys and girls, and Virginia had them all engaged. Every child loved learning the art of archery and by the end of the party they all had improved with their skills tenfold! On top of being an amazing archer/teacher she was extremely organized. My son already wants her back for his next birthday! I would HIGHLY recommend this entertainment outfit!
— Aimee, Mom
Virginia Hankins of Sheroes Entertainment arrived at my daughter’s 9th “Brave” themed birthday party as the character Merida, complete with a Scottish accent and bows and arrows...much to the joy and excitement of all the kids. They could not stop following her or wanting to be close to her - she beams with external and internal beauty and light.

Virginia is immensely professional, kind, funny and brilliant ... as well as an extreme athlete and highly skilled archer and instructor. The children had a chance to not only experience the character in how closely Virginia resembles Merida-but in her ability to give the kids all a serious archery lesson, too, giving this event so much more depth and enjoyment for the kids. They laughed, they learned and they LOVED her! It was 8 months ago and everyone is STILL talking about how much fun it was having her there.

Thank you Virginia and Sheroes Entertainment for making it a day my daughter will remember the rest of her life...
— Michelle, Mom
This is really neat. I’ve never seen a party do this before.
— Andy, dad
You went above and beyond. Thank you so much!
— Sophie, Mom
He couldn’t sleep last night. He was so excited about his birthday!
— Debbie, Mom