After Hours, Corporate, and Cocktail Party Swimming Mermaid and Party Entertainment

Themed parties aren't just for kids anymore... When you need gorgeous looks from talented performers to "wow" your client appreciation event, top sales stars, cocktail party guests, or product launch party pros, you need Mesmerize: our After Hours professional mermaid and live action entertainment line.

For any after hours style of event we recommend combination packages to keep things fresh and fun for your guests: As an example, featuring a stilt walker to welcome your guests to your event before having one of our extraordinarily popular fortune tellers or caricature artists working throughout the night teamed with highlight appearances and acts from our mermaids, circus entertainers (e.g. fire acts, contortion, samba dancers, singers, or magicians), and a sizzling dancing show finale.

Catalina Mermaid wearing a luxury line sequin-style mermaid tail, Photo by Abe Lojero

Catalina Mermaid wearing a luxury line sequin-style mermaid tail, Photo by Abe Lojero

Mermaid Sonnet by Alissa Krumlauf

Mermaid Sonnet by Alissa Krumlauf

Mermaid Merissa by Alissa Krumlauf

Mermaid Merissa by Alissa Krumlauf

Mermaids Marina, Catalina, Cascade, and Naiya by Randy Wong

Mermaids Marina, Catalina, Cascade, and Naiya by Randy Wong

Mermaid Cascade by Alissa Krumlauf

Mermaid Cascade by Alissa Krumlauf

Mermaids Catalina and Kailani

Mermaids Catalina and Kailani


Here are some of the packages that we have designed for past cocktail & after hours / adult party clients. These are for guidelines only to help you in thinking of what might work for your event.

We also recommend the following acts for adult / cocktail parties and have them available for booking: contortion acts, snake charmers, belly dancers, samba dancers, singers, circus acrobat, aerial, cyr wheel, jugglers, and hand balancing acts, caricature artists, airbrush body tattoo artists, stilt walkers, burlesque dancers, and more.

Sirens at Sunset

Napa Valley Los Angeles Mermaids at Evening Cocktail Pool Party

Mesmerizing mermaids swim to music, cavort, and interact with your guests to leave guests with the fin-omenal impression that YOU are the most amazing party host ever.

Keep it simple with atmospheric work or add more "beach" for your buck with variation in costumes and entertainment sets such as live siren singing or water ball (giant floating dance bubble) dance / movement work. Need even more variety? Add on an optional bubble shower for arriving guests, LED white party clamshell prop to pose in, mermaid makeover stations, inflatable pool art, or be enthralled with our own special glowing bottle service delivered by a mermaid to create custom mini theatrical pieces for each guest.


Mystical Mermaids

Ventura County Party Tarot Card Reader Southern California

Offering after hours intrigue with a mermaid twist! During this party format your mermaid adventure will be split between land and sea featuring one of our mystical fortune telling mermaid. Your event starts with the siren seated her her oceanic occult regalia reading your guests future before transitioning to photos and a shorter swimming appearance to add variety to your evening.



Los Angeles Learn to Swim as a Mermaid Party.png

We deliver the fun and entertainment when your guests BECOME mermaids (or mermen)! We bring $1800 worth of fabric loaner tails, a sassy and fun coach, and a lifeguard for one of the wildest birthdays that you have ever had that will leave people talking about "that epic birthday" for years. The stories on this one are out of this world! Limit 12 people.


Splash Pad

Welcome back to college - or your next LGBT Pride Week of under 30 social party! One of our gorgeous female swimwear models and games leads arrive armed with all of the wit, spirit, and humor that you need to get your guests in the water and having a splash. She amps up the energy and gets everyone moving with team challenges, zanny underwater photo contests, and the light-hearted fun.


Pirate Party Host

Captain Hook Character for Los Angeles Pirate or Peter Pan Party

Arr you ready for a good time? This pirate captain is straight our of Pleasure Island and is the ultimate after hours party host. He selects adult-friendly challenges and activities for your guests to participate in and leads a rocking karaoke sing off (complete with photo backdrop and lights) to keep your adult guests partying and having a great time!

Expert party hosts start at $300 per hour, 2 hour minimum.

Realistic Airbrush Pirate Party Tattoos

Airbrush tattoo makeup work so good that you can't tell that it’s not real. The perfect choice for pirate parties, biker rock & roll themes, and any time that you know it feels good to be bad…

Price varies based on number of artists, number of guests, and location’s distance from Los Angeles. Basic packages start, on average, at $600 and up.

Orange County & Los Angeles Water Ball / Water Globe / Pool Surface Contortionists

Male and female artists are available to bring elegance to the surface of your pool where guests can see them. Each set runs 10 minutes in length and comes with 1 contortionist, 1 assistant, and the water ball. Water balls require electricity to inflate with a large air blower near the pool deck.

Water ball acts start at $950.

Fire Breathing, Fire Eating, and Fire Dancing Acts

Fire breathers and fire dancers light up the night with their awe-inspiring skills.

Fire breathers and fire dancers light up the night with their awe-inspiring skills.

Los Angeles and Orange County fire performers bring a primal, highly visual aesthetic to events and perform the best on cleared, concrete or other full clearance outdoor locations. They are ideal next to pools. Pricing is based on location, number of sets, and additional permits or safety staff required. Prices typically start near $1,000 and up.

  • Fire Breathers - Project quick, high impact, “clouds” of fire into the air.

  • Fire Eaters - A classic sideshow trick where the performer places fire on their tongue and/ or mouth for added drama and suspense.

  • Fire Dancers - Work with tools such as poi, staff, and fans to music for a fire based show.


Swimming Mermaids

We staff mermaids based on proximity to your event in accordance with the belief that talent, more than race, is the hallmark of a great performer.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Event planners, please note that when booking any package from us please note that our swimming mermaids do not show up more than 30 minutes early prior to a contracted start time without compensation. Mermaid School parties do not do an early "load in;" they immediately walk in to a party ready to work. That means that if you want a performance to start at 6PM and you wish to have a mermaid there at 3PM (for whatever reason) you need to pay for that person's waiting time and need to specify it in advance. Otherwise that person will be in place and starting at their start time, not before.

  • Extra add-on non-performance waiting time away from guests and not entertaining is available at an additional fee.

Additional Entertainment Options

Please email us for information on these other options.

Special Notes

  • None of our performers will partake in acts of sex, violence, drugs, or nudity regardless of event - we do not offer topless mermaids or strippers. We will, however, bring enchantment and act with the class, style, flair, and humor befitting your reputation to mesmerize your clients and guests.

  • Our employees are not allowed to consume any form of drugs or alcohol or pose with any form of smoking apparatus / product while working.

Bar Entertainment (c) Terri Brindisi; see some of our mermaids perform at Dive Bar Sacramento!

Bar Entertainment (c) Terri Brindisi; see some of our mermaids perform at Dive Bar Sacramento!

Photo credits to John Paulsen, Alloy Images, Brenda Stumpf, Cheryl Walsh, and Michael Roy unless otherwise specified on image.