Professional Mermaid & Party Character Jobs

Professional Mermaid Job

Sheroes Entertainment, LLC is a distinct outlier in an unregulated industry of one-off "under the table," uninsured performers and unlicensed "agents." Easily identified as the most "corporate styled" of any mermaid company in the world, we're professionals who do things differently.

The premise is simple - champion great performers to reach great people. It’s not enough to have performers. Anyone can have performers. Sheroes is about finding and enabling contemporary legends to bring magic to our future role models and their families.

Sheroes Entertainment, LLC is not an agency. It's a one-of-a-kind performance corporation that connects talented people together to showcase hand-selected employees in making our clients' dreams come true. We rarely "hire out" to outside non-employed performers as dependability matters and our clients expect anyone sent from our company to have our standards of conduct, entertainment value, and image quality.

Clients know us for providing a family-friendly, professional, "Disney-like" style packaged in genuine customer service. Behind the scenes our standards are high. Self-initiative, availability, and accountability are expected, and professional conduct is required as our best opportunities go to our best performing and most trustworthy people. In part due to our approach of meritocracy we've created a diverse yet tight-knit performance crew that works hard to help the company to succeed. 

In an entertainment industry where "anything goes," we're not the place for everyone; but, if you're a person who wants to be their best and experience the pride of working on a game-changing crew, Sheroes Entertainment, LLC might just be the place for you.

What We Look For

Photo (c) Blinkit Photography

Photo (c) Blinkit Photography

We hire ladies and gentlemen with talent, class, outgoing charisma, responsibility, cheerfulness, and patience with children who possess exceptional problem solving skills and the ability to readily adapt to rapidly changing circumstances.

We search for complementary personalities and work ethics to our existing team: sports and learning-minded professional, readily available, accountable, self-possessed, detail-oriented performers who deeply care about others and desire to enhance the world through their work with kindness and creativity.

Due to our ongoing work in children's party services and with community-based children's organizations we are unable to accept any individuals who have ever been convicted of a child-related, violence-related, or sex-related crime.


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