Hire A Unicorn To Ride For A Wedding Or Birthday Party! Serving Los Angeles, Ventura County, and Surrounding Southern California Areas.

Photo by Maddie Isaacs with our Blue Fairy

Photo by Maddie Isaacs with our Blue Fairy

Photo by Maddie Isaacs with our Blue Fairy

Photo by Maddie Isaacs with our Blue Fairy

Los Angeles Unicorn to Rent for Party

Once upon a time a snow white unicorn decided to discover what the most magical thing in the whole wide world would be. Her magical unicorn horn lead her to... you and your very own birthday, baby shower, bachelorette party, or wedding magic.


  • 1 Golden Horned Unicorn with Sparkle Mane and Glitter Hoof Polish (we can omit the glitter mane for a more natural look upon request)
  • 2 Tuxedoed Unicorn Attendants who lead the unicorn on its riding route and assist with guest questions and safety


  • Unicorn rides for guests
  • Photo time with guests


  • The unicorn can accommodate 20-30 rides per hour based on duration

Space Requirements

  • At least a 20'x20' space for seated photos
  • Any ride travel paths must be 10' wide or wider to accommodate the handler and unicorn
  • A reserved parking spot with either "pull through" parking or easily backed in to spot 40' or longer x 16' wide

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the unicorn carry a bride in to her reception or wedding?

Yes. Please indicate if you need a riding unicorn with saddle for a royal entry as pre-training at the castle stable with the bride and her dress may be required to ensure a smooth celebration. The unicorns are incredible for grand entrance grooms for proposals too!

What size do the unicorns come in?

"Majestic" size (AKA BIG) only

Can the unicorns wander loose at my party for atmosphere?

Unfortunately as much as they'd love to wander over to the buffet... the unicorns must be under lead by a handler at all times.

Can the unicorns do rides inside my house?

No, as ballrooms (or living rooms) aren't typically designed for their weight, unicorns need to stay outside.

What do guests do while they are waiting?

We recommend hiring one of our incredible princesses, knights, face painters or glitter body artists to entertain guests while they wait for their royal ride.

Today my childhood dream came TRUE!!!! Rode my first unicorn!!!!
— Felicia D.

Will you come to my party again next year?
— Jessica, 8
Holy cow.
— Erin, guest