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Mermaid Tail Rentals

(c) Cheryl Walsh - this is what one of our professional mermaids look like on set - hire a pro.

(c) Cheryl Walsh - this is what one of our professional mermaids look like on set - hire a pro.

We place safety first to keep your shoot on schedule with the stunt professionals that you need to stay on time and on budget.

With a fleet of different ethnicities and looks (both SAG-AFTRA and non-union) we're optimistic that we can help you find swimming mermaid talent in our company that will keep you on track for shooting while being a pleasure to work with... we'll even offer free advice to help your shoot run smoother and a super reasonable tail kit rental fee as we reward you for being ethical by choosing to put water safety first.

Need to hire SCUBA Rescue Divers, underwater assistants, or certified surface support lifeguards for your set? Good call. We offer discounts on those with our professional mermaids on film and print shoots too.


Swimming Silicone Mermaid Tail Rentals, Available Internationally

Dryland Photo Shoot, Los Angeles, Orange County, or Ventura County Radius - NOT SWIMMING


  • Pricing starts at $825 for a four hour shoot for a mermaid tail rental.
    • A mermaid tail wrangler is included in this rental price; the tail wrangler is responsible for delivering the tail to/from set, assisting the model with properly getting the tail on/off, and supervising the tail's safety on set to prevent damage and/or misuse by production.
    • If you need a shorter duration or a swimming performer consider booking one of our mermaid stunt performers instead.
  • Certificate of Insurance with additionally insured wording ($2M+ aggregate, $1M each occurrence general liability policy) required before rental is approved.
  • Credit card authorization for a pre-charge of $4,750 is required before rental is dispatched. Your card will only be charged if a mermaid tail is damaged, destroyed, lost, or stolen while on your set.

Colors, Sizing, & Fit

  • Mermaid tails are fully sealed custom-fit prosthetics designed for 5'3" heights or taller and are NOT size adjustable. They may not fit your desired model... if your model is above a size 26" waist / 35" hip you will need to re-cast for a more petite model as these delicate prosthetics will NOT fit the model and the model will permanently damage/break the mermaid tail.
  • Mermaid tails are not allowed to be repainted, punctured, "altered," or modified by wardrobe personnel in any way.
  • Color choice subject to availability and size needed: Green, copper, gold, ivory and gold, purple, and blue/white/purple.

Usage Restrictions

  • Tails are only for use around clean, filtered tap water or similar. They may not be placed in dye, slime, sewage, lake or river water, and/or food products (e.g. Jello).
  • Any placement of more than 6" of the tail in water and/or attempt at swimming / swim like movement is grounds for immediate contract cancellation, removal of tail from set, and voiding of all rental fees paid.
  • Due to liability your model/actress is NOT allowed to attempt to swim in any silicone rental tails... even if they claim to be a good swimmer.
(c) Sheroes Entertainment, LLC

(c) Sheroes Entertainment, LLC

Funny or Die - Mermaid Tail Rental

You were right about the tail - it looked so incredible on camera!
— Amy, wardrobe
(c) Russian Jane

(c) Russian Jane

If you are a production unit and are in need of a mermaid tail rental on one of our professional mermaids please call us at (805) 328-4911 with the following information on your filming date(s):

Thank you so much for all of your help last night. I can’t believe that you picked up on a Sunday night! You’re the best!
— Carrie, production
  • Date(s)
  • Production office name, email, and contact information
  • Swimming / non-swimming
  • General info on stunt / expectations
  • Filming location
  • Union / Non-Union

Behind the scenes on one of projects in Mexico.