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Our pricing tables offer ballpark base level pricing on some of our most popular characters. Any additional travel fees, if applicable, will be listed on your quote.

How to Read a Pricing Table

  1. Scroll down to the table you are interested in.
  2. Find the row of the duration of time you need entertainment for.
  3. Find the column of the number of people you want providing the entertainment (e.g. the total numbers of characters such as mermaids, lifeguards, etc.)
  4. The intersection of your time duration & the amount of staff desired is your party package price*. As an example, 1 fabric tail level mermaid + 1 lifeguard for 2 hours is $595.

Mermaid Party Package PricinG

Our mermaid tails come in two main categories based on level of costuming: basic (fabric) and realistic (silicone). Please read the table based on the type of tail you would like at your event.

As an example, 1 fabric tail level mermaid + 1 lifeguard for 2 hours is $595 while 1 realistic tail level mermaid + 1 lifeguard for 2 hours is $775.

Here is what the main areas of difference between the two types of tails looks like:

Silicone and Fabric Mermaid Tail Comparison
Fabric Mermaid Tail vs Silicone Professional Mermaid Tail Comparison

What is a Realistic (Silicone) TaiL?

  • The "realistic tail" upgrade option sends one of our $4,000-$7,000 feature film level couture swimming mermaid tails on your mermaid performer(s) to your event. These tails are film-quality, environmentally safe based on non-toxic, latex-free, surgical grade materials, and are hand crafted by women artists in the USA. The extraordinary costumes take over one year to arrive and are hand-painted for surreal levels of depth in coloring and details. If you need a *real* mermaid then THIS is the level of tail that you should add on.
  • These hand crafted special effects level mermaid tails are not adjustable and are custom fit to each of our performers located throughout the State of California. As a result you cannot request a certain tail to match your decorations, the child's favorite color, etc. as that tail is not guaranteed to be able to fit a performer near you or be in your service region.
  • We send one of the below tails based on what mermaid is closest to you. The current list is what mermaid or merman is primarily working in which tail.

legged / land Character Pricing (DOES NOT SWIM, such as princesses, fairies, pirates, or explorers)


    The following upgrades are most commonly requested by families and may be added on at time of booking:

    Mermaid Lily wearing one of our "Real Tail Prosthetic Tails" seated in the Glam Shell

    Mermaid Lily wearing one of our "Real Tail Prosthetic Tails" seated in the Glam Shell

    • Glitter Tattoo Supplies: $20 for 20
      • Custom water-resistant body art that is applied by a character during their existing reserved time at your event
      • Choose from 1 of 3 colors of glitter and a variety of ocean themed designs.
      • Glitter Tattoos take approximately 1-2 minutes per guest to apply
      • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for pool parties rather than face painting as they last longer near water.
    • Inflatable "Glam Shell:" $125 per party
      • This inflatable 7' tall white seashell throne adds whimsy to a photo booth or a nice photo accent for mermaid story time. It is powered by electricity and has a 6' long cord.
      • An electrical outlet adjacent to the shell must be supplied for it to work and stay inflated.
      • NOT for use in water.
    • Pro-fishional Level Bubble Machine: $75 per party; A-list concert-level professional bubble machine that churns out a bubble storm... perfect for grand entrances and amusing the pickiest of young guests.
    • Treasure Hunt Prize Coins: $10 for up to 20 kids
    • Underwater Photographer with Event Photo Coverage: $1,200 for 2 hours
    • Extra Waiting Time: $10/15 minutes PER character / staff member / lifeguard
      • Our performers start at their contracted start time. They do not arrive early and "wait around" without compensation. If you need them there to "load in" early then you are charged per character, per portion of 15 minutes.

    Bubble Machine Rental

    Optional Insurance-Specific Upgrades

    We carry a $2M general insurance policy with Worker's Compensation Insurance from the State of California. Most venues do not require copies of this paperwork. However, some do with extra specialty wording that open the insurance carriers up to increased risk and increased cost to you. If you wish to save money you are highly encouraged to avoid using any city-owned facilities when planning your party as they often have these hidden fees.

    These special insurance paperwork requests are non-refundable, non-transferable, non-changeable, and are date-specific. If you change your event date you will be charged to reissue the paperwork for every date change you make.

    • Location-Specific Endorsement on Certificate of Insurance (COI): $175
      • Standard blanket-level COI's are provided at no cost for our corporate and hotel clients - however, if a facility-specific endorsement is required, not just a blanket one, then this charge has to be applied.
      • May take up to 14 business days to process.
    • Waiver of Subrogation: $525 + 15% of total party cost
      • This is a highly abnormal request - if you are renting a facility it is suggested that you avoid locations requiring this paperwork to save yourself money.
      • May take up to 21 business days to process.


    • Pricing includes our party services, taxes, and credit card fees.
    • Our pricing tables typically include all travel within 20 miles of North Hollywood, Yorba Linda, and Sacramento as there are where our primary "hubs" of entertainers are located. Additional travel charges may apply based on your location - we will tell you up front on your quote if so. To receive a quote please click here.
    • Gratuity is not included in pricing. Standard gratuity for entertainers is between 15-20% per character and is requested to be given to character(s) in cash, in person, at the end of the event
    • Performers are staffed based on proximity to event location.
    • A 35% Holiday Overtime Rate applies to any reservations scheduled for the following US Holidays: New Year's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year's Eve