(c) Brenda Stumpf

(c) Brenda Stumpf

Mermaid Vanessa

Los Angeles, CA USA

Available for Print Work Only

Meet Mermaid Vanessa, one of our exquisite Southern California mermaids!

Mermaid Vanessa is a rare pearl in the chaotic whirlpool world of Los Angeles - a sea creature so sweet that every person who encounters her is instantly charmed by her gracious and kind smile.

Vanessa grew up as a part of two worlds and has balanced her soul of the Earth and heart of the ocean in to one of the most celebrated designers and costumers on the West Coast amongst a variety of couture and pop culture fan crowds where she blends ethereal beauty in to each of her designs through her own wardrobe and costuming business.

While often happy to work in her watery castle of fabrics and sparkling sea-gems she always seems to end up in front of the camera as directors and photographers cannot take their eyes off of her natural regality and compassionate presence.

Mermaid Vanessa has an impressive film and print portfolio but is available for live events, often selected by our After Hours and event planner clients, where she makes her mark in the hearts of all who meet her with her effortless sophistication and mesmerizing presence.

If you are looking for an underwater model or a Los Angeles, California fashion shoot feature please contact us at (805) 328-4911 to inquire about Mermaid Vanessa.

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Mermaid Vanessa Swimming

Mermaid Vanessa working for Herbal Essences