Mermaid Internships: Train to Become a Professional Mermaid

Welcome to the spot that you have dreamed of your entire life - the chance see if you have what it takes to swim or perform in fairy tale circumstances for the most lavish parties, be the life for a party, be challenged to become your best by other smart, kind, and driven people, and to ultimately to be trained and recognized as a professional mermaid.

Application Deadline for Summer 2018 Program: December 31, 2017. 

What is a Mermaid in Training?

A Mermaid in Training is an intern - or, as we call them, a "Fintern," who is interested in learning how to become a professional mermaid and/or well-rounded children's performer.

How Long Does It Last

Six Months, on average.

What is the Method of Learning?

This internship is comprised of classroom-style lectures, hands-on in person labs, and real client site job shadowing with existing employees. Additional training and homework is assigned between classes and labs

What does this internship cover?

Vocational Skills Related to Child-Centric Live Performance Art:

  • Audience Engagement
  • Balloon Design Artistry
  • Child Protection Laws & Anti-Bullying Awareness
  • Costume and Prop Construction, Maintenance, and Repair
  • Face Painting and Glitter Body Art
  • Improvisational Acting and Character Development
  • On Camera Conduct and Presentation for Still and Video (e.g. interview techniques, common set etiquette and terms)
  • Story Telling
  • Teaching Songs and Games
  • Vocal Inflection, Projection, and Dynamics
  • Water and Land-Based Educational and Developmental Play for Children
  • Water and Land-Based Fitness for Children and Adults

Vocational Skills Related to Workplace Readiness and Culture:

  • Client Contract Delivery Methods
  • Client Expectations Management
  • Customer Service
  • Group Management
  • Individual and Team-Based Problem Solving
  • Multi-Tasking
  • Proper Conduct in Client Settings
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Risk Management for Child-Based Events (both in and out of water)
  • Scope Management
  • Social Media Conduct
  • Time Management
  • Waiting Line Management
  • Workplace Injury Prevention Strategies
  • Work Site Organization and Tidiness

Additional Skills Relating to the Environment

  • Basics of Marine Animal and Ocean Life Ecology
  • Basics of Marine Conservation Methods and Environmental Impacts of Trash
  • Entertainer Conduct with Aquariums & Zoological Facilities

Time Expectations

Most of our team's work and training is held on Friday nights and weekends. Specific dates and times fluctuate based on the real world work opportunities that arise.

Interns are required to attend all in-person learning sessions, normally held in Simi Valley, on their own time and expense, during their internship to practice and develop the vocational skills that they would need to be a successful children's entertainer. Job shadow portions of training are held throughout the Los Angeles region at client venues.

Mermaids in Training are expected to complete unpaid computer-based learning modules on their own time to supplement in-person classes and training days. These self-paced modules last 1-12 hours and include written and video tutorials with a wide range of topics such as seasonal character prep guides, land and pool games demonstrations, how to do glitter tattoos, and tutorials on balloon twisting basics. Simpler tasks, such as glitter tattoos, can take less than half an hour to master while more complex skills, like basic balloon twisting, can take up to 2 months based on aptitude. Failure to pass the written and practical exams on the learning modules repeatedly will result in a MIT being removed from the program.

Travel Expectations

This internship requires extensive travel on weekends within the Los Angeles region to job shadow and learn from employees on real client sites. You must have a FUNCTIONAL, reliable, vehicle to be able to do this internship.

Wardrobe Expectations

Interns are expected to have the following attire:

  • 1 set of black business clothing (e.g. black slacks and a long sleeve buttoned shirt) with matching shoes in good repair
  • 1 set of fitness / day camp style clothing (e.g. shorts, plain teal unmarked shirt, sneakers)
  • 1 set of swimming clothing (e.g. goggles, swimsuit, towels)

Company-Owned Property

  • Interns are not "given" company owned property and must return it within 24 hours of it being requested for return (for any reason).
  • Any interns that are removed from the program or choose to leave the program must return all company-owned materials and property within 24 hours.

College Grade Expectations

Interns are encouraged to attend their existing college, have a different job during the week, or engage in other activities M-F. Any college student falling below a 2.5 GPA will be removed from the program to focus on improving their grades and may not be added back in to the program


Being a professional mermaid or children's entertainer is a difficult job that takes time, effort, and dedication to become exceptional at.... unfortunately not everyone is always able to master it.... what you put in to this program will ultimately determine your own success. As a result, being selected as a Mermaid in Training to start the internship program DOES NOT guarantee that you will complete the program or be offered a paid position or employment at our company.


Mermaid in Training Internships are NOT PAID. Interns are not eligible for any wages or travel-based compensation spent during the time of the internship.

What Does This Internship Prepare You For?

The variety of skills learned in this internship result in a balanced resume for people wishing to have better chances at success with improv-based auditions in Hollywood, hotel and resort children's clubs, children's party companies, wedding and other event planning companies, cruise ships, theme parks, Scouting programs, summer camps, day camps, recreational leader positions at local government and parks departments, and water park staff positions.

Housing Etc.

We do not provide housing, relocation, or vehicles to interns.


Asian Mermaid Under Water in the Ocean
  • Meet the Following Logistics / Work Authorizations / Availability Requirements:
    • Be in Southern California
    • Be 18 or older
    • Be a US Citizen
    • Be fluent in English
    • Be readily accessible via phone and email contact
    • Have consistent weekend availability including 3/4 weekends per month between 11AM-5PM April 1 -October 31.
    • Possess reliable transportation
  • Meet or Exceed the Following Water Skills Requirements:
    • Already be a certified American Red Cross Lifeguard with a cert valid through December 2017 or have proof of course completion by January 1, 2018. Visit the American Red Cross online to find a course near you.
    • Be able to swim underwater without swim aids for a distance of 25 yards without stopping.
    • Be able to efficiently swim a 400 yard freestyle without the use of swim aids and using any stroke but the back stroke in less than 12 minutes without stopping.
    • Perform a 2 minute tread in water while tucking hands under the armpits or holding hands above the head without stopping.
    • Be able to swim while carrying a 10 pound weight 25 yards without stopping and without letting the weight go under water.
  • Meet or Exceed the Following Physical Requirements:
    • Be physically able to lift and carry 50 pounds of weight on land.
    • Be physically and mentally fit to physically work continuously for two hours or more with minimal breaks.
    • No visible tattoos / ink or piercings on the upper half of the body OR have the ability and willingness to remove them / easily cover them with a costume or accessory in 10 minutes or less on your own expense.
    • Fit an existing company-owned silicone mermaid tail (27" absolute max around the natural waist, 36.5" absolute max hip around the widest part) OR have your own silicone grade Merbella Studios, Finfolk Productions, Mernation, Kariel / Tail of Art OR Mertailor (pro level silicone ONLY) mermaid tail with company visual appearance approval. If you own your own tail it needs to be a professional level silicone tail from one of these makers - NOT a fabric tail.
      • Unfortunately our stunning silicone company-owned tails are extremely fragile and prone to breakage from body weight strain, are not size adjustable, and, due to their extreme expense and lengthy waiting list times (up to 2 years!) to receive them from manufacturers, are unable to be purchased for interns. If you do not fall in to in either of these tail categories please apply as a certified lifeguard instead or consider applying to a different open position.
  • Meet or Exceed the Following Personality Traits:
    • Have larger than life, jovial authority and be able to efficiently take control of and lead a group of up to 25 children who are hyper on sugar, possibly tired or cranky, and definitely overstimulated from a party environment while maintaining a broad level awareness of their safety and emotional state
    • Possess exemplary people skills, particularly in the aspects of kindness, compassion, and patience when working with children
    • Have the ability to cheerfully engage an audience in a performance lasting 1-3 hours
    • Enjoy working in crowds and stressful situations with the ability to brainstorm new ideas and games on the spot
    • Be comfortable and happy in improvisational and method acting situations for extended periods of time
    • Possess outgoing poise, style, charm, and confidence while maintaining character doing extemporaneous speaking

Mermaid in Training Application

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List any CURRENT Emergency First Responder, college, sports coaching, or water safety credentials here.
Many of our clients are major film and TV celebrities who have made millions on their feature films for being incredible actors - being, themselves, at the top of the entertainment world. What about you would make them glad that they paid to have you at their party above any other person in Hollywood?
Please provide names, phone numbers, and emails to three references that can attest to your skills, character, and work ethic.
Please send us a short (less than 5 minutes) video link to somewhere like Vimeo or YouTube where you introduce yourself, talk about your background working with kids, and show a quick sample of you swimming in a pool or the ocean. Video should clearly show what you look like, what your personality is, and what skills you have.
Please list any additional web links to demo reels or relevant content to your application that you would like us to see here.
Do you have any current or planned conflicts of interest such as: starting or working for a mermaid training program or exercise program, working for another mermaid company or performance group that hires mermaids, having your own mermaid or water work business, self promoting yourself for work as a mermaid or water performer, or owning/co-owning/working for any form of theatre, party, or event companies?
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