Mermaid Dru

Orange County, CA USA: Print work only.

Mermaid Dru loves the ocean, but it's the creative world of art and fashion that truly calls to her.

As a child, she would swim farther and longer than any of her friends, braving strong currents and deep waters to search for hidden grottos and sunken ships where pirates of years long past had hidden their precious treasures. It wasn't gold or gems that kept calling to young Dru, however - it was the exquisite oil paintings and sculptures, the bolts of beautiful silk sometimes tailored into breathtaking party gowns and elaborate costumes. Dru used to (and still does) hop onto rocky outcroppings at the water's edge to get a better look at these exquisitely crafted human works, examining every brushstroke and seam within her sight and reach. Eager to put into practice all that she had learned, Dru started to create her own art and her own costumes - and she found that she absolutely loved it (though working underwater does come with its own set of unique creative challenges).

It wasn't long before Dru became curious about the people who created all of these wonderful things. Who were they, and what were they trying to convey with their arts and crafts? What did they talk about when they gathered at parties? And for that matter, what were human parties like? She finally got the chance to find out at Myth Masque in Los Angeles, a grand soiree to which all manner of species were invited - including mermaids! Attending the ball was an amazing experience for Dru, and she's been making tripsto the surface ever since to attend more parties, meet fellow artists and costumers who share her passion, and take part in the creation of new works of art such as the short film "Catching Fireflies," which won the 2014 Catalina Film Festival award for Best Short.

So if you find yourself in need of a mermaid at your own gathering of the artistically inclined, or you're looking to cast someone of the aquatic persuasion in your latest project, Dru would be thrilled to work with you!


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