Some mermaids swim in the shallows, others dive deeply into the lives of others and leave magic wherever they go. Mermaid Melody is one such mermaid. This mermaid has had an intrinsic curiosity about the world and people around her for as long as she can remember.

Her desire to learn and communicate with people lead this siren singer to open her heart and voice to the world around her, cheering up lonely sailors and lost dogfish with her caring, sweet personality and the lilting nature of her name. When Mermaid Melody discovered that not all people could actually hear the words of her songs she learned to speak with her hands so that she could interpret for them using American Sign Language (ASL).

One day, a chance meeting with an orca (AKA "killer whale") off of the California coast offered Mermaid Melody the alluring opportunity to travel and meet even more new people and sea creatures as part of a whale song finturnship. She leapt out of the water with excitement and dove into adventure with the elusive "LA Pod" of orcas and their powerful matriarchs (female leaders) CA2 and CA6 in their musical adventures through the Pacific Ocean.

Resplendent in lavender, purple, and black, her shadowy tail allows her to camouflage in deep water swims where she appears as a flash of golden light and dark shadows among the mysterious pod. During breaks from their adventures of battling sharks, singing, and swimming to other lands, Mermaid Melody frequently returns to the shallower water of Ventura County and Los Angeles County in California where she visits her best friend Mermaid Malibu and swims with the other members of Sheroes


AMAZING! The mermaids were a hit!! Thank you sooooo much!
The mermaids and lifeguard John were great, especially Miss Melody.
— Karen K.

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Photos courtesy of John Paulsen and Lee Roth