Los Angeles & Ventura County Fortune Tellers

The mysteries of the world are revealed at your party through our mystical female fortune teller - an empathetic and kind woman who connects with the world's energies to give your guests something truly special: insight in to themselves and their own dreams.

Halloween Specific Decorations for Readings are Available!

Halloween Fortune Teller for Halloween Party in Los Angeles
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tarot Card Readings

The classic - this art has been practiced since Ancient Egypt an remains one of the most beloved of the fortune telling arts. these readings focus on the positive in the future of your guests and help them to explore their own inner energies and fate relating to the decisions that they face in their lives. Tarot is popular with ages 15-adult; if you are expecting younger guests we recommend oracle cards or runes instead.

Each reading takes approximately 6.5 minutes per guest and offers insight in to the past, present, and future relating to goals, hopes, or fears. Couples readings are also available!

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Halloween Spirit readings

A Sheroes Entertainment exclusive! Spooktacular fortune telling for all ages presented with our stunning seasonally themed Halloween fortune telling cards! This is a particularly fun and entertaining option for parties with mixed ages (or children) attending and can be done with a story telling emphasis in the round with small group. Each reading takes approximately 2-4 minutes per guest with guests actively participating and learning along the way.

If you are throwing a Halloween party and want some whimsy with your wonder then choose this option!

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Live handwriting analysis for your guests focusing on the positive in their hidden talents and traits! Handwriting analysis is our one "fortune telling" service that is scientifically proven to be accurate based on three hundred years of research. Is a person secretly messy? Creative? Passionate? Whimsical? The writing tells all!

Each handwriting analysis reading takes approximately 8 minutes and offers inside to both a person's inner (sometimes hidden) personality and what they can do to develop their ambitions. This is adaptable for a small group of up to four guests at a time.

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Mystical Mermaid Readings

Invoking the spirit of the seas our fortune teller (or one of our mermaids!) will lure your guests in to the lore and legends of Atlantis while helping to answer some of their most important questions. Each reading takes approximately 2-4 minutes per guest.


Life has it's ups and downs and for parties we focus on the positive and engaging qualities of a question. We do not offer insight / guidance / fortunes relating to death or illness, divorce, or diagnosis of ailments. Most party fortune readings are focused on one specific question or worry from a guest such as romance, career, money, goals, etc.


An additional travel charge may apply based on your location

An additional travel charge may apply based on your location

Event Planning Details

Our fortune teller arrives approximately 5 minutes prior to her contracted start time to be shown to her space and set out her artifacts. If you would like "early arrival / backstage waiting time" it is available at $15 / each 15 minutes and must be added to your invoice at the time of booking. This early arrival waiting time is NOT for working with guests, it's simply to have her physically on site backstage early to avoid the valet line, receive extra instructions, etc.

One 15 minute break is required by the fortune teller for every 1.5 hours worked. Access to drinking water and a bathroom is needed.

Site requirements

  • Fortune tellers require a quieter performance space so that guests can hear them. Please do not place them next to speakers, live music, or in the middle of a high traffic area (e.g bar). Ideally a semi-private area where guests can see that she is offering her services while not being interrupted during readings is ideal.
  • Fortune tellers require a small 3' round (approx.) table and three chairs. Having three chairs ensures that she has a place to sit and a pair of friends or a couple can also sit down for a joint reading. If you would like her to bring a few extra scarves, props, and themed accents please let us know at the time of booking.
  • Fortune tellers need to be able to see their artifacts to interact with their guests, as a result some low light is needed to be able to see the objects that they are working with. If you will be decorating your scared space with candles then please have extras on hand in case she needs to light them to be able to work.

Outfit Options

The fortune teller can appear in cocktail attire, Gothic black clothing, or one of these themed costumes